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No Photoshop, Just Pollution

This was the sunset over Chennai on Sunday evening, taken from my balcony. There was no post-production work done on this photo, it was just snapped with a simple compact digital camera. According to scientists, the reds, oranges and purples are caused by light being scattered by particles in the upper atmosphere, the more particles the more it gets scattered and the ‘blue’ lightwave is lost, leaving the reds and oranges. If there is a lot of pollution like aerosols and all the other crap that us humans produce we’re rewarded with some pretty spectacular sunsets. I’m willing to hear a more accurate and scientific answer though, (Tom, I’m looking at you here!).

Saving Endangered Animals

I think this is a job I would quite like! Helping to hand rear endangered young baby animals. I wonder what the qualification requirements are!

BBC Nature - In Pictures: Babies on the brink

BBC Nature – In Pictures: Babies on the brink September 2011 Last updated at 00:35 In Pictures: Babies on the brink Cute and crucial, this endangered Coquerel’s sifaka infant is being raised by experts at the Duke…