What Do I Miss About The UK?

So what do I miss about the UK, someone asked me the other day.

Rather surprisingly, I had to stop and think for a few minutes before I had any answers. The real answer to this question is: not much!

Aside from the obvious family and friends, it got me thinking about what I really missed the most, and for your enjoyment and to satisfy your curiosity (don’t forget, curiosity killed the cat, so if you read on, don’t say I didn’t warn you), I have listed here what I miss most about the UK.

  • A Couch
    Yep, a simple couch that you can sit on, lie on and lounge on. There are not any comfy sofa’s or chairs in this house, just desk chairs and kitchen chairs. I miss not being able to lie on a comfy couch and watch TV
  • Personal Space
    There’s 5 people living in this 3 bedroom flat so you don’t really get any of your own space – there’s always people around.
  • Being able to do what I want, when I want
    Because I’m having to rely on other people to transport me around, translate, cook and do other things, I’ve lost some of the independence that you have from living alone – where you make the rules. On the flip side, it means I never have to worry about cooking, cleaning, washing up, ironing or any other housework! Every cloud… 🙂
  • The convenience of London
    I like being able to pop round the corner in London and know that there is a shop that sells what ever I want. I don’t have that in India at the moment, because if I’m hungry, I have to consider if the place is going to serve food I like , the hygiene of the place and other things
  • Good old Euro-fizz beer
    The beer choices in India are Kingfisher or Sandpiper. Kingfisher is quite nice, but it’s not quite Kronenbourg!
  • Someone to talk to about football
    Outrageously, football is not considered important enough to discuss over here 🙁 So no one to talk to about England’s latest abysmal performance, what the likelihood is of having two keepers knocked unconcious in one match, how on Earth Bolton Wanderers are so high up in the league etc.

I guess that’s all I can think of right now. I know I’ve probably left out some glaringly obvious things, but I can’t think of them at the moment. Maybe I’ll come back and update this list in a month or so.

Tomorrow I might make a list of things that I don’t miss.

Oh, I’ve also declared a new War on Mosquito’s. Currently the battle figures stand at 23 dead mosquito’s against 32,832 bites. Yeah, I’m losing but there’s only one of me and I have to sleep. I need to form a new coalition of the willing to join me in my fight. More news on this later.

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