One Month In India…

…and I’m still not dead. Although having been out on the back of the motorbike several times since I got here there has been an element of luck involved.

Nor have I succumb the to the traditional Delhi belly that travellers to India are welcomed with. Obviously everyone else who came to India and suffered was just rubbish.

Even though the temperatures are in the 30’s most days, I’m still as white as I was when I left London. This is simply because I haven’t been out and about much except for travelling between the office and home. (you guys didn’t think I was coming here for a holiday did you?!)

I’m doing so many cool things in India that the past month has just flown by.

I’ve been working with Agriya Infoway to streamline and systemize their business a whole lot more. Since they were formed in 2002, they’ve seen near 100% growth year on year and haven’t had time to really systemize their business.

Some of the things I’m helping to sort out include the project process from the time a client approaches Agriya, through development and to the final delivery.

The next thing I’ve been working on is a training plan and conducting interviews for a group of university graduates which comprises designers, programmers and software testers. This group of graduates have had no exposure to business or the internet, but within three months I’m hoping to get them all up to speed and fingers crossed, Agriya will hire most, if not all of them at the end of the training. My main goal is to have them all offered permanent jobs at Agriya.

I’m really looking forward to the training because I get to impose my way of thinking and design tastes on them 🙂

As if all this isn’t enough, I’m going into a 50/50 partnership with Agriya to develop some real online/offline businesses targeted at the mass markets. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate too much on everything at the moment, but there are 3 very different businesses and work should be starting on the first one early next week. If they really take off, they’ll be registered as seperate companies.

And finally…one of the biggest reasons for me coming out here, to avoid my parents project rescue, seems to be drawing to a close as it is due for completion tomorrow. A 4 month project has been ongoing for nearly 8 months now…yeah, my project management skills rock :-/

So everything is good. Everything is cool. Tomorrow we go to Bangalore to explore a new city.

PS. Lots of blog readers…no comments 🙁 take the hint people, post comments!

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