I’ve Seen The Future. And It’s Green.

About two years (and a whole lifetime) ago I had my palm read by a fortune teller. You can read the outcome of that over on the Can You Read My Mind post.

And now, nearly two years to the day later, I had my fortune told again, but not by a palm reader, this time it was a little green parakeet (or parrot if you want the Indian word for it). Seriously, a little bird that’s kept in a tiny cage picks up some bits from a pile and based on that it can tell you your past, present and future. A bit like in A Christmas Tale, but replace the ghosts with a green bird.

So based on which cards the bird chose, the fortune was able to tell me (via a translator) the following:


– The course and education which I studied was different to what I actually wanted to study or should have studied.

– Just a few years back I had some associations with some girls which was not so good (nothing’s changed there then!)


– I have a good time to get married right now (yikes!)

– What I have now is much better in terms of relationships with friends and my life now is much better and what I’m choosing to do is much better than what I was doing before.

– I will not expect my parents money, or any of their wealth, or rather I would not be keen on taking it. I am more keen to make my own money than to take it. (doesn’t that make you feel much better, mum?)

– Apart from my job which I am currently doing, I will be having another income which pays me well. (seriously, how do they know this stuf?!)


– Some good news will come will come in 20 days (I will post back here on the 4th March, watch this space I guess)

– I have the opportunity to go to different parts of the world from India (Kenya!)

Funnily enough, the American client we were with and my boss had their fortune told as well and especially in the case of my boss the parakeet was particularly accurate about their past.


3 Comments I’ve Seen The Future. And It’s Green.

  1. Mum

    Glad to hear you won’t be wanting any of our money, you would have been very disappointed! Also could you let me know the date of the wedding as my diary is filling up for this year and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

  2. admin

    Haha, nothing like that, Tom! You can see my views on the whole thing just here.

    I’m just quite impressed with how accurate they were about past and present. For example he mentioned my boss is in the process of setting up a new business, which she is, he said the client was divorced, which he was, that I have an income besides my job, which I do…these are quite specific things and there was nothing that he said which was untrue.

    I’m just putting it down to a very intuitive parrot!

    @mum: the parrot was obviously exhausted when it said that I’d be getting married this year! Maybe he got confused and was talking about my younger brother?


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