I Still Find Stuff Like This Funny

You know, after two and a half years (flipping heck!) in India, I really shouldn’t be finding the hodgepodge approach to the English language funny anymore, but every now and then I feel compelled to photo and share some of the unique ways English is being used here in India.

The photo below was taken from a nice little vegetarian restaurant around the corner from my apartment that I went to last night. I can’t believe I’ve not been before because it was really cheap and the food was good. My whole meal, which included a dessert and coffee (I know, I really went crazy) came to Rs 155 – about £2.20.


As a sidenote, I’ve been here so long and seen first hand just how expensive things can come when you have double digit inflation. Two years ago the meal would have probably cost about £1.80 – so nearly a 25% increase. You know things are getting bad when the middle classes start to complain about how expensive things are getting.

2 Comments I Still Find Stuff Like This Funny

  1. tamil man

    When I was in London I found it really amusing that many shops displayed the sign “Thank you for your custom”.

    No one says that !!

    Maybe “Thanks for your patronage”

    Tamil Man

  2. admin

    LOL, fair enough 🙂

    What I found amusing wasn’t so much what it said but the way it was executed by breaking the sentence in the middle with multiple exclamation marks.


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