What are UTM tracking codes

Let’s start with a definition. A UTM tracking code is a snippet of text added to the end of a URL that helps track the performance of campaigns using Google Analytics. They can be used to differentiate how different channels, content and creatives in the same campaign are performing. Anyone can create and use a… Continue reading

What are lead magnets?

Let’s start with a lead magnet definition: A lead magnet is used by a company as an incentive for the visitor to hand over their email address. In B2B marketing a lead magnet is often in the form of a downloadable PDF. Other types of lead magnets could be discount codes when a visitor signs… Continue reading

Chennai Expat Guide Launched!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that the Chennai Expat Guide book has been launched! The book is the only guide that expats moving to Chennai need to adjust to life in the city. Based on my own eight years of experience living in the city and filled with the funny stories and anecdotes of over… Continue reading

A Most Distinguished Guest

I’m told by my team mates that there are plenty of advantages of being a foreigner in India. For example, they claim that whenever we go out for dinner together, they get better service in restaurants. Now that’s not for me to comment on because I’ve got nothing to compare it against. I’m friendly to… Continue reading

The Uluru Outback Adventure

If someone said to you why not spend nearly a thousand pounds to fly four hours into the middle of a desert to look at a rock, you might politely enquire what medication that person is currently taking. Incidentally, that’s exactly the reaction I got from my wife when I suggested we forgo a trip… Continue reading