An Argument About Coffee

Just had a little argument about the best way to make coffee today. I was asked if I want a coffee, to which I replied, “sure, I’ll boil the water”. This was met with a blank expression along the lines of “why the hell do you want to boil the water?!”…Err, to make coffee?

Well, as it turns out, here in India, we make coffee in the opposite way to the UK (well, at least in the opposite way to the way I make coffee!). They boil the milk first, and then add small amounts of water to taste.

Naturally an argument ensued about which is the best way to make coffee. Frankly I think we’re going to have to do some double-blind tests to put it to rest 😀

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  1. Claire

    Sounds like you are having a great time Pete! I’ve always wanted to go to India so I am very jealous! I hear your mum is on her way over soon. Thats pretty cool!

    All is well in not so sunny London. Jonathan and I are both getting kicked out of our houses as the land lords are selling so we have decided to look for a place together. I sense tedious times ahead of trampling around london looking for a half decent place with semi normal house mates…

    We spent last weekend in Wales on a tour with some friends. Hay on Wye, Cardiff, Swansea, downs some crazy coal mine and horse ridding. Not a bad weekend except my poor friend who came with us missed the bus so had to pay for the train ride to meet us in Wals. Oh and Lisa Hewins came to. It was good to see her.

    Off to bed now. Keep enjoying yourself!



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