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An Englishman in Chennai, India

Hey, check this on. I’m on my way to India! Off to Chennai in the Madras region, which in on the South East coast.

OK, so everything isn’t confirmed yet. I have to go to the Indian Embassy in London to get a visa, get several different injections for diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever and Diphtheria. The injections are going to cost a fortune!

Then I have to book a flight out there, not sure whether to go for a cheapo option and save money or pay that extra and go with British Airways.

The BA flights get in to the Chennai airport at 4am! It takes 10 hours, so better take a few books to read.

If all goes to plan, I should be leaving early September time.

While I’m out there, I hope to work closely with a couple of webmasters that I currently hire and train them in areas that’s difficult to explain over instant messanger.

I’ll also get to meet the programmers that have been working on my projects for the last year – which will be really fantastic to put some faces to names. I’ll get to see their working habits, and push them in the right direction (more work, less chatter! Just kidding!).

Finally, I think I’ll be doing a lot of stuff with the owners of Agriya, creating some joint ventures and projects.

I’ll be staying as a guest of one of the company owners…I haven’t found a good time to tell him yet that I don’t like spicey curry!

My biggest concern about going out there is catching what is affectionately referred to as “Delhi belly”. It’s where you vomit and have the runs near similtaneously for days on end. Probably not too bad if you are in a hotel and can lock yourself in the room, but in a house where others are living, maybe not a nice experience!

I’ll be taking my camera (that reminds, me, must ask parents if I can borrow their digital video camera, mine only takes stills) and hopefully will get to post some cool pictures of my trip. If everything goes well, I should be out there for 2 months, maybe longer. Or I might not last 2 days!

Current temperature in Chennai: 25 °C (82°F) and it’s only 5am in the morning!

eBay Auction – Hot Stuff!

Hey, this is going to be quite exciting. Today I’m going to post my first ebay auction.

I’m going to be selling a complete ready made adsense site that has taken me 3 days to complete. The winning bidder will be getting the entire website, the domain and 2 months free hosting.

The website is on the topic of Bodybuilding. Click the link to check it out – it opens in a new page.

Here’s some of the benefits of buying this website…

:: Exceptional website design professionally created by myself
:: Highly optimized for the search engines – all my experience has gone into this one!
:: Multiple income sources from Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank
:: Multilingual – translated into 9 languages
:: Quality domain
:: 2 months free hosting ($5.95/mo thereafter)
:: High paying niche
:: Over 500,000 searches per month for main keywords
:: Extremely low competition
:: Friendly help and support every step of the way

I’ve just got to create the layout for the auction page on ebay now, and then I can get this project posted!

I’m dead excited about this, but I’ve never sold on ebay before, so it could fall flat on it’s face! I’m going to be offering it as a standard 3 day, no reserve auction.

Wish me luck!

Instant Article Submitter Review

Instant Article Submitter Review

Name: Instant Article Submitter
Author: Xyberwidget, LLC (Jeff Alderson Rod Beckwith)
Price: $97
Description: Instant Article Submitter will automatically submit your site to over 200 article directories. It will manage all your article campaigns.
Ease of Use:
Setup Time:

This product does exactly what it says it will do, and once it has all been set up, it will submit your article to all the directories in its database. This saves so much time as I think it does in 30 minutes what it would probably take you 3 hours, maybe more to do.

If you have ever done article submission before, then you know how tedious it is to keep copy and pasting the same information over and over again. The beauty of IAS is that you simply need to copy your iformation once and let the script do it’s work.

I have tried three methods of contacting the authors of Instant Article Submitter to offer suggestions and ask some questions – all emails were returned as undeliverable. On this front, the support has a lot of room for improvement. They could definitely do with some sort of online help desk.

I must have spent about 4 hours going through and signing up to each article directory which seems like a hell of a long time when you are doing the same thing over and over. I think there should be some sort of global setting which tells the script use default login unless otherwise specified.

The website promises regular updates of the article database. I have had this software for 3 months now and there have been no updates that I am aware of – at least my software hasn’t found any new updates when it checks online. This is rather annoying because some article directories have disappeared, and I know that there are dozens more that haven’t been added. To compound matters, there doesn’t seem to be the option to manually add new directories yourself.

Finally, if you were hoping for a submission process that you can leave running in the background while you go and watch your TV show to come back and have all 200 directories submitted to, think again. There seems to have been no "timeout" function built in that will tell the script to move to the next directory if it doesn’t succeed with the current directory after a set amount of time.

Personal Opinion
I know I have put a lot of negative things about the product, but these are things that can be improved. Whether Xyberwidget LLC (of Traffic Equalizer fame) will is yet to be seen.

I have found this software incredibly handy for submitting articles. I can take out 30 minutes a day to submit a new article to over 200 article directories – spending 30 minutes a day to get maybe 300+ one way links to the website of my choosing sounds like a damn good deal to me!

Even with the flaws I have outlined above, I will continue using this software daily until something better comes along. And if it doesn’t…I’ll build it myself!

Instant Article Submitter – $97
My Rating:

Today is Friday…Not Thursday

Have you ever been concentrating so much on something and so consumed by a single task that you completely lose track of time?

You know how it is, you start work at 9am and before you know it, it’s 5pm. I’ve had days like that.

But this one is a new one for me.

I’ve lost an entire day.

Today, I thought it was Thursday. I don’t know how. I’ve been so focused on creating these new ready made adsense sites that I’ve not stopped to really watch TV or read the news all week. Somehow my brain has lost a day to make me think it was Thursday and not Friday.

I was just preparing a job list for my two webmasters this evening, for jobs to do on Friday (or what I thought was going to be Friday), when their manager came onlie to tell me that they were having the weekend off. No problem I said, I’ll have them do this tomorrow and start again on Monday. But he replied, that they wouldn’t be in the office tomorrow because it’s the weekend.

So that stumped me and I argued back that it was Friday tomorrow…until I actually checked the date 🙁

So now it’s nearly midnight on a Friday night and I have been sat infront of a computer all night looking forward to my night off on Friday. Damn that sucks.

I do have a couple of theories on how this could have happened:

1. I was abducted by aliens and knocked out for 24 hours, thus losing a day

2. I slept through Tuesday (it’s such a boring day I find)

3. I have no friends and no life so who needs to keep track of the date anyway?!

These ready made adsense sites are truely consuming me. Everything from the designs, graphics, header, content, sitemaps on the site itself, to the website that’s going to be selling them and the programming that has to be done. I’m also working on the extensive members area which is going to provide great support and advice.

Each site will have the choice of two themed templates that match the theme of the niche, hopefully translated into Spainish and German, 3 types of sitemaps and if you are really lucky a partrich in a pear tree!

Damn, I wish it was Thursday!