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Rain Rain Go Away

Rain. It was invented in the UK you know. But as with so many great British inventions in the past, other countries took our ideas and made them bigger and better.

Monsoon season has officially struck India, and we’ve gone from lazy sunny days to lazy rainy days. It’s been non-stop torrential rain for the last 72 hours. It’s like mother nature is attempting to dump the entire Indian Ocean over Chennai.

See, if I wanted rain – I’d have stayed back in the UK.

Chennai is now looking a lot like Venice with most of the roads being turned into great canels. For actual real life proof check chennai monsoon photos (opens in a new window).

Earlier on this month I told the world that I have a new love in my life. Now I know I caused distress and devistation to women around the world when I made these comments, so I thought it’s about time I put them out of their misery and come clean about this new love.


It’s amazing stuff. I drink it all the time now. Until I came to India I never touched it, ever. But now, being in India I decided to go a bit crazy and do things that I’ve never done before (such as eating that McChicken sandwich from McDonalds the other day), and drinking coffee is one of them.

Yeah, I know I’m being completely reckless, and some people are beginning to wonder where will all this crazyness will lead. A new hair style? Buying a T-shirt from a non-chain shop with a slightly edgy slogan on it? Buying a pair of non-branded trainers? Coming up with some jokes that don’t involve sex? Surely that will make me a changed man.

OK, I’ll pull my tongue out of my cheek now :~)

At the moment, I’m suffering (altogether now, Awww!) from a terrible cold. Once again, if I wanted a cold, I’d have stayed in the UK! Jeez.

A lot of the Agriya office is down with it at the moment, especially amongst the group of people that I work most closely with. All my freshers had it, my webmasters had/got it and Aravind has it too.

Thank God for paracetamol though! The worst thing about colds is the constant drip drip of mucus from your nose and coughing up all the phlegm as your body gets rid of all the nastiness. Yummy!

Finally, yesterday we had loads of candidates in the office as we gave a presentation on our newest business venture. The candidates are required to go out and about in Chennai and gather certain data and record it in digital format. The more data they collect the more they get paid. If they go all out, they can probably earn around Rs 4000 in a week – which is about £40. This is pretty good money in India though.

That’s enough rambling from me now. I just wrote this to put off some stuff that I really have to do but really don’t have the motivation to do. But I guess now it has to be done…


SEO is easy!

Well that title might ruffle the feathers of a few SEO experts out there that charge the world to rank your website higher up in the search engines.

Check out the following screen shots from Google, Yahoo and MSN for my website, and check out where it is ranked for it’s primary keyword: hyip scripts

abchyip at number 2 spot in google

Here you can see that is ranked at number two in for the phrase: hyip scripts.

abchyip at number 1 spot in yahoo

Here you can see that is ranked at number one in for the phrase: hyip scripts.

abchyip at number 1 spot in msn

Here you can see that is ranked at number one in for the phrase: hyip scripts.

As you can see, I’ve clearly dominated the search engines for the keyword I have chosen. So how did I achieve this?

I’ll reveal a few secrets tomorrow :~)

Super SEO ebook

If you own a website, you are probably somewhat concerned with your search engine ranking. If you are selling a product on your website I imagine you are very concerned about your website ranking.

Are you optimizing your website correctly? Or are you blindly trying to get to the number one position by trial and error? More importantly, are you doing something that might get you banned from the search engines? Do you even know if you would be doing something that can get you banned?

I have a 90 page ebook written by an SEO guru which I can give to you today for absolutely free.

It details everything you should be doing on your website and off your website for true search engine domination.

Don’t believe me that this stuff really works? Try going to Yahoo or MSN and typing in hyip scripts and see where my website: is ranked.

If I was doing this properly, I should be taking you to a sign up page where you enter your name and email address and I get to add you to a mailing list.

But I’m not going to do that today, so simply take pleasure in downloading this ebook for free today from: SEO eBook (Right click this link and choose “Save Target As…”)

Happy reading, and let me know if it helps your website rankings.

The Definition of Irony?

Could this site be the ultimate definition of Irony?

A big long sales letter about how much money you can make by giving away the big ebook you’ve just written and the guy is selling his ebook on the topic for $67!

I’ve not read the book so can’t comment on the validity of what he says, but I’m sure it has something to do with list building and stuffing affiliate links throughout the ebook you are giving away. That’s what I would do anyway :~)

How’s The AdSense?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had purchased some ready made adsense sites in this post. I had purchased 150 ready made adsense websites from Adsense Ready Websites.

I said back then that it is an absolutely supurb way to get over 75,000 pages on the web with your adsense code in true set-and-forget style.

However, I wanted to do something a little different with these sites, so I employed a webmaster to do all my humdrum jobs for me – which included doing some work on these adsense sites.

The first website is now nearing completion, I just have to sort out some links on the index pages and sitemap (the webmaster didn’t do these files for some reason – must remember to specify that in the future).

Here’s a quick preview of the website:

Cool Book Reviews

Nothing special, huh?! I will be doing all 150 websites in this style, so hopefully it doesn’t need to be anything special!

I will be promoting these sites using link exchanges using the excellent SEO Elite software, and submitting to the directories in Vile Silencer.

LOL, well, when I say “I”, I mean my webmaster 🙂

Doing this book site has actually inspired me to do actual book review site, although I’m thinking of targeting it to online marketing ebooks 🙂

If you are interested in hiring a webmaster to do your menial jobs for you, contact me. The price is $1000 per month. The advantages are you actually get stuff done because you can send them all the things you’ve been putting off (like converting all your PLR articles into websites or submitting them to article directories). The disadvantages (I’ve found) is that it can take about a week for the webmaster to become used to what is required and requires a lot of hands on training and guidance through the first few days.

New Sites