$100 House (Sort Of)

Check this out, for $100 you could have the plans to a tiny wooden house which includes a kitchen, bathroom, sofa, dining table and bedroom all squeezed in to a 65 sq ft home – that’s small enough to fit in to your back garden and rent out! When you factor in the building costs and materials it’s about $16,000 (about £10,000), so yeah, I think we’ve sorted out our housing crisis if everyone moves in to wooden sheds. Still, I think I’ve just found my Dad’s Christmas present, I’m sure my mum always wanted another home at the end of the garden!

The £61 build-it-yourself house plan - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

The £61 build-it-yourself house plan – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Financehttp://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/The-61-build-house-plan-yahoofinanceuk-197431321.htmlThe smallest house on offer from Tumbleweed is just 65 square feet in size, but manages to cram in a living room with a couch and a built-in desk.

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