What do you want to know about India?

National Flag of IndiaI’ve been going through a bit of a dry patch recently, trying to come up with some inspiration on things to write about on my blog. Days are whizzing by, months are coming and going, pretty soon I’ll be going home for Christmas…and I’ve only been in India since last week, or at least, that’s what it feels like.

So, I’m going to open the blog to you.

What do you want to know about India?

You’ve seen it on the news, you’ve heard about all the jobs being outsourced to India, so what questions do you have?

Want to know about the food? The weather (one for the Brits!)? The lifestyle?

You can leave a comment on this blog asking your question, you can email me at peterclaridge@gmail.com or you can shoot me a message on Facebook.

We’ll see how it goes, I’m wondering if I’ll even get a single question 🙂

4 Comments What do you want to know about India?

  1. Nolan

    Well, you’ll get at least one question! what is the food like other than the horrible sandwich shop you experienced. does it taste like the traditional indian food you get at restaurants, or better?

  2. admin

    I’m assuming you mean Indian restaurants in America? Trust me, they do no justice to the food you can get in India. Not for nothing I’ve blown up like a balloon since coming here – and that’s even with drinking 1/10th the amount of beer I used to drink!

    1. Marcia

      I am very interested in India since a long time, How a single woman in her 40’s could go and spend one month in India on her own? would I be crazy/unsafe and all to do?

  3. Peter

    Hi Marcia, you could definitely come and spend a month in India, most of the cities are quite metropolitan and have a big expat crowd that has no trouble whatsoever, I know quite a few foreign women who live by themselves and have no problems. The tourist spots will be full of foreign tourists too! It depends where you are thinking of going, the more off-beat you go the more careful you would need to be.


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