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In Soviet Russia, England Comes To You

When you’re kicking back after a hard day of arresting wayward businessmen who won’t kowtow to your corruption demands, feeding dog food to your army of conscripts (and then arresting the man who exposed it on spurious allegations), meeting despotic rulers of other countries, raiding foreign business offices, assassinating dissidents who dare to question the regime and rounding off the day by permanently silencing prying reporters; what better than to spend the evening in a quiet English pub, sipping on real English beer, in your English town, near to your English home, enjoying the civilities of England, all located on the outskirts of Moscow.

BBC News - Rich Russians' love affair with Britain

BBC News – Rich Russians’ love affair with Britain the countryside outside Moscow, an army of cement mixers is droning, churning and, quite bizarrely, helping to turn Russian fields into an English town.

Why Does The Sky Turn Purple?

The other day I posted a rather smashing photo of a Chennai sunset which lit up the sky in purples, pinks, oranges and reds. I referred a question to my fellow blogger, Tom, about why the sky had all these amazing colours. Many thanks Tom for taking the time to answer it!

Blogstronomy: Why is the Sky Purple?

Blogstronomy: Why is the Sky Purple? posed by Peter, in this blog post. Of course, the more usual question is “why is the sky blue?”, but Peter, an ex-pat schoolmate of mine living in India, snapped the…

There Are 3D Artists And Then There’s Fredo

Forget stupid 3D TV’s and 3D films, these 3D pencil drawings pretty much jump out at you and sure beat anything Sony or LG can come up with not to mention they beat the pants off even my best stick man sketches. The guy is only 20 years old but it looks like he’s got himself a nice online income already by selling his prints on Deviant Art.

Artist's amazing 3D images | The Sun |News

Artist’s amazing 3D images | The Sun |News YOUNG artist is making a huge impression on the art world with his 3D drawings. The incredible pictures by Chilean etcher Fredo were drawn using only pencil and paper and seem…

Train Surfing Fail

The other day I posted a video about some young guys from Mumbai who wanted to die by hanging outside the train dodging various concrete posts, but as it turns out, compared to American train surfers, they are actually rather talented. Some American college students decided to hitch a ride on a slow moving freight train by jumping on board but failed with rather disastrous consequences. Maybe the Mumbai kids need to go show the Americans how it’s done properly!

Police: Teen loses legs as she tries to hop train – Yahoo! News, Colo. (AP) — A 17-year-old Colorado State University student lost both her legs when she tried to hop aboard a freight train and slipped underneath the moving train on…

Would You Eat Less Meat?

My diet is probably around 90% vegetarian nowadays because I eat cereal for breakfast, fruit and granola bars for lunch and some kind of vegetarian option for dinner. I don’t cook any meat at home and probably eat chicken once or twice a week and beef maybe once a month.

I find the argument that we eat too much meat to be quite persuasive, from a environmental point of view, food security point of view, human health point of view and animal rights point of view. We grow grains in fields for the purpose of feeding the animals and then put the animals in another field all of which means there is less acreage given to growing food for humans. The conditions of the factory farms can probably be described as appalling at best and the recent scandal in Indonesia over the way they treated their imported cattle is likely to be replicated the world over to varying degrees.

That said, I can never see myself switching over to being a full blown veggie but I can definitely see myself continuing my mostly vegetarian diet. The link below is to an article by a celebrity chef who was always pro-meat but after 18 months is now saying we eat far too much of it and it’s not good for our bodies, our animals or our environment.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: the joy of veg | Life and style | The Guardian

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: the joy of veg | Life and style | The Guardian me be clear: I have not become a vegetarian, nor do I think I ever will. So the dialogue I’m keen to begin with other meat-eaters is not about vegetarianism, it’s about…

Ugandan Engineer Dreams of Sending Astronaut To Space

I wonder whether he’s going to put his money where his mouth is and be on the maiden space flight like Richard Branson will. It seems easy to mock, but I guess even when the Germans first tested their rockets they had to start from somewhere and didn’t have books and data tables to refer to. They are training hard for the lift off by learning how to calculate the distance between planets, not sure how that relates to sending a vehicle in to orbit but if it gets people interested in aerospace engineering it can’t be a bad thing. Still, I can’t help but think it would go the same way as Top Gear’s rocket car.

BBC News - African space research: Dreaming of a manned shuttle

BBC News – African space research: Dreaming of a manned shuttle it still seems like quite an achievement and if this hadn’t been a space programme I’d have been pretty impressed. Chris believes that if his team is successful, this will…

A Little Squee!

So small and still hasn’t learned to be afraid of humans. Cats in India are VERY scared of humans.