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The New AdSense Referrals

In the past couple of weeks, Google has revamped it’s referrals program to not only include Google products, but hundreds of other products too! It can literally mean the difference between a 1 cent click and a $5 click.

With the new referrals program, Google has moved into an area traditionally dominated by the likes of Commission Junction and other smaller companies like ClixGalore and ShareaSale. By adding banners and links to your page you can now get paid through Google’s AdSense program for leads and sales generated from your website (as well as the traditional pay per click revenue).

The Pay Per Lead opportunities are a great way of making some fast extra cash. 99% of the time the companies paying you for a lead just need the name and email address of the person you are referring. So now, when you write an article, instead of putting normal PPC (pay per click) ads at the bottom, you can tell people to find out more by sending them to a page where they have to give their email address and you get paid up to $2 for sending that lead. Sure beats sending someone to another site for a measly 20 cents!

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New AdSense Borders

I was in my AdSense account earlier toady grabbing some code to put on my site and I noticed a new drop down box that I hadn’t seen before.

Google have added a new feature where you can now select what style of corner your ad borders have. They now have 3 styles to choose from. These are as follows:

Square Corner
This is the traditional square corner that has been around since the beginning. Nothing fancy here.

Slightly Rounded Corner
This is one of the new rounded corners which has a subtle curved edge.

Very Rounded Corner
This is one of the large rounded corners. The radius is a lot larger and pronounced

The New Code
To tell AdSense what sort of corner you want on your ads there is a new line code added to the text that you copy and paste.

  • google_ui_features = “rc:0”; => Square Corners
  • google_ui_features = “rc:6”; => Slightly Rounded Corners
  • google_ui_features = “rc:10”; => Very Rounded Corners

Current AdSense theory still says that the best way to optimize your ads is to make them not look like your ads; in other words, blend them in with your content and background and don’t make them stand out like a sore thumb.

I haven’t heard anyone mention anything to say this is no longer the case, so whether or not anyone will make use of these new borders or if they increase CTR is as yet unknown.

To find out if there is any point using these new rounded corners, I will be adding them to one of my popular sites called which already makes use of rounded corners for the content boxes.

I’ll report back in a week or two with my findings. I’ll also add some images to this post so you can see what the rounded borders look like.

Site Authentication For Google AdSense

I just noticed that Google AdSense now has the option to show ads in websites that would previously have been inaccessible due to the page requiring the user to login (authenticate themselves as a legitimate user). For many marketers who run restricted access membership sites it was a pain because we couldn’t put adsense ads in there due to the fact that the spider was unable to check the content and provide relevant ads.

I’m not entirely sure how old this feature is as I’ve only just noticed it myself. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like if you haven’t seen it already:
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Google’s Vagueness

First off: I want it to be know that I really like Google as a company and use and love most of their products.

However, I have to tell everyone about just how utterly vague they are when there’s a problem and it’s driving me nuts!

I make a very nice income from Google AdSense. This program lets me put some text adverts on my site and everytime someone clicks on an advert, I get paid a small amount of money, pretty cool, huh?

I’ve been using AdSense for about 18 months now and do very well off of it. Now in order to protect their advertisers, Google has a lot of rules about what you can and cannot do with your adsense code. For example, you can’t click your own links – even if you are really interested in the advertisers advert. You can’t ask your friends or visitors to click your links to ‘support your site’ and various other things like that.

I have AdSense code on well over 200 websites, some don’t earn much, others earn a lot. But it all adds up 🙂

The other day I got a message from the Google AdSense team stating that they had detected fraudlent clicks and traffic to one of my sites and if I didn’t stop it I would have my account closed down.

Hello Peter Claridge,

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks or impressions have
been generated on the Google ads on your site(s) through users of
third-party programs paid or provided with other incentives to visit
your site. Such programs may include, but are not limited to auto-surf,
pay-to-surf, pay-to-read, or pay-to-click sites.

This is seriously bad news for me, as I rely on AdSense for a good part of my income. However I know that I’m only using natural organic search engine results to generate traffic and I’m certainly not stupid enough to encourage people to click on my ads – I know that’s a fast track way to get your account shut down.

So I sent them an email back asking for specific information so I can just take down the site. It seems like a reasonable request, right? They are telling me there’s a problem, I need to know where the problem lies.

I rapidly fire off an email asking where the problem is and wait nervously for the reply, praying that it’s not with one of my higher earning sites.

The reply comes back…

As you know, Google treats instances of invalid click and impression activity very seriously. As a reminder, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account. However, we can assure you that we have thoroughly re-reviewed your account, and have confirmed that your account violated our program’s Terms and Conditions.


So now Google is saying that “look, there’s a major problem on your account and it could cause you to lose your account, but hey, we can’t actually tell you what the problem is because it’s much more fun to leave you guessing”.

I reply back asking some more questions about their ToS, they reply with even more vagueness than before!

Aragh! Google, you are killing me!

Today I took down over 150 websites that I don’t monitor in the hope that it’s something to do with them. I also removed the code from my highest earning website, just in case ;-(

A colleague of mine had his account shut down a couple of months ago, but they didn’t even give any warning. He only had 2 forum/community websites and he had over a years worth of earnings saved up. EEK!

If anyone in the UK here’s a feint scream along the lines of “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” then don’t worry, it’s just me finding out that Google has shut down my AdSense account 🙂

Ready Made AdSense Websites Anybody?

Can I interest anyone in some ready made adsense websites?

I am in the process of creating a tonne of brand new ready made adsense websites that will completely blow the competition out of the water – You simply won’t need to look else where for your instant adsense templates.

First off, each site is highly optimized for the niche market. Most of these adsense site creators don’t have a clue about SEO, so you will often find titles, H1, H2, alt tags missing from their websites.

Not so with the websites that I am creating. Each of them are so well optimized, they’ll get top 100 ranking in Google/MSN/Yahoo without any backlinks.

Here is a screen shot of the front page:

ready made adsense site
(click the image to see the bigger picture)

Hopefully you can see how the design and build quality far exceeds that of the competition.

Keep checking back for more updates and find out how you can get your hands on these incredible ready made adsense sites!

Using the Instant Adsense Templates

I’ve just been out and bought 20 new domain names for use with the Instant Adsense Templates that I bought yesterday. At $2.75 a go for a .net from, you really can’t go too far wrong in my opinion!

Usually I like to use .com’s, but as these cost $6.99 each, it would cost me nearly $770 for the 110 domains that I would need instead of the $302 for the .net’s.

I thought the categories and articles had an air of familiararity (yet again, Google teaches me how to spell), and I read today that Joel Comm has simply used the PLR templates that are provided by – a little cheeky in my opinion, and bloody annoying as this was going to be my idea!

As I mentioned yesterday, the template designs are actually really not all that bad – much better than I was expecting. As an example of the quality, check out this instant adsense template website that I threw up today: Commercial Real Estate.

Not bad, huh?

I’m not entirely convinced about how much the images next to the adsense conflict with Google’s adsense terms, but Joel Comm says that apparently they are ok and do not conflict. This is what he has to say:

NOTE: At the time of this publication, Google terms of service do not prohibit the use of pictures next to AdSense blocks. However, it is known that Google has asked some publishers to put a border around the ad block to distinguish it from the pictures (even though it is not in the TOS).

Therefore, you may wish to choose a border color that does not match your background. For example, if your background is white you could choose a light gray (color #E0E0E0) border. Again this is just a suggestion, and you can experiment as you wish. Just be sure to comply with Google’s TOS at all times.

All I have to do now is work out how I want to promote all these sites (yeah, all 110 of them!). I thought I’d start off by adding them to my new free link directory and to a special blog that pings dozens of spiders each time I make a post.

I also want to add a few bits and pieces to these sites, like Amazon feeds, ebay feeds, clickbank products and some other contextual advertising that highlights keywords in your text.

Instant Adsense Templates

I’ve just bought the latest mega adsense package from Joel Comm called I bought it for $197 and there was a nice little upsell for more of the same for $97.

I tried and willed myself not to be sucked into the upsell, but I found it too good a opportunity to pass up – you literally double the amount of content you are getting for half the price.

I did decline on the CD’s that I was offered though – $27 per CD is a little excessive I thought when you can simply download the same material and burn it to CD yourself.

All in all there are 55 ready made sites (all with PLR articles). The sites all have pretty good templates (which is quite a surprise) and quite a bit of content in each. There’s 20 xsite pro templates (also converted to normal HTML for those of you without xsitepro), 15 wordpress templates (seriously nothing to write home about, 8 blogger templates (ditto for the wordpress) and 2 phpBB (online forum software) themes which again are not making me do cartwheels of joy.

The upsell contains the same, but a few less wordpress templates. So in all there are 110 pretty decent websites which are just waiting to be uploaded and promoted. Ah…I think the webmaster will have found himself a new job tomorrow!

I bought the package for $197 with a $97 upsell. But the package has gone up to $297 now, so I guess the upsell is now $197. I know it sucks when you find out that the new product you bought at the store yesterday is now on sale for 1/2 price today, and this is kinda what is happening now. You know you could have got the package for 1/2 the price.

RegisterFly are having another special offer on where you can buy .info’s for $0.60 and .net’s for just $2.75, so I guess tomorrow will be spent finding 110 new domain names. Wish me luck!

How’s The AdSense?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had purchased some ready made adsense sites in this post. I had purchased 150 ready made adsense websites from Adsense Ready Websites.

I said back then that it is an absolutely supurb way to get over 75,000 pages on the web with your adsense code in true set-and-forget style.

However, I wanted to do something a little different with these sites, so I employed a webmaster to do all my humdrum jobs for me – which included doing some work on these adsense sites.

The first website is now nearing completion, I just have to sort out some links on the index pages and sitemap (the webmaster didn’t do these files for some reason – must remember to specify that in the future).

Here’s a quick preview of the website:

Cool Book Reviews

Nothing special, huh?! I will be doing all 150 websites in this style, so hopefully it doesn’t need to be anything special!

I will be promoting these sites using link exchanges using the excellent SEO Elite software, and submitting to the directories in Vile Silencer.

LOL, well, when I say “I”, I mean my webmaster 🙂

Doing this book site has actually inspired me to do actual book review site, although I’m thinking of targeting it to online marketing ebooks 🙂

If you are interested in hiring a webmaster to do your menial jobs for you, contact me. The price is $1000 per month. The advantages are you actually get stuff done because you can send them all the things you’ve been putting off (like converting all your PLR articles into websites or submitting them to article directories). The disadvantages (I’ve found) is that it can take about a week for the webmaster to become used to what is required and requires a lot of hands on training and guidance through the first few days.

New Sites

Why Using CSS Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization

CSS, if you don’t know, stands for Cascading Style Sheets. They have been around for many years now, but still haven’t quite caught on in the mainstream applications – Frontpage and Dreamweaver still have only limited support for them.

One thing that stylesheets enable the webmaster to define how a certain block of text will look on every single page, so if the webmaster needs to change the size or font of the text, instead of editing every single page, they can simply change the values in the CSS file.

Over the last year, many professionals and enthusiasts have realized that you can actually use CSS to create complex website layouts without needing the traditional HTML table tags such as ‘table’ ‘tr’ ‘td’

The biggest advantage that using tabless layouts has is it becomes a whole lot more search engine friendly. This is because there is less HTML code in the webpage as everything is defined and positioned in an external CSS file (which search engine spiders don’t read). This means they are able to pick up your content and keywords much better 🙂

To illustrate just how much smaller in size a CSS website can be compared to a normal HTML website I have uploaded an example of the same design, but one in CSS and another in HTML:

CSS Webpage – Size: 7KB

HTML Webpage – Size: 19KB

That’s a 12KB difference for the exact same design!

The downside to using tabless CSS websites is that they are pretty difficult to edit for the average Frontpage user like me. If you need to change a column width of a webpage in frontpage, you just click and drag until the column is the width you want it. Since the columns are defined in an external CSS as fixed or relative sizes, there is nothing to ‘click’ and you don’t get any visual representation of what you are editing – you must manually type in numbers until you get to the size you want.

This of course can be very time consuming, not to mention stressful as things behave unexpectidly or in a way simply to annoy the hell out of you. I really don’t know why Microsoft or Macromedia (or any other software company) haven’t come up with a point and click CSS editor yet – it can’t be that hard. One thing is for sure, if there still isn’t any point and click CSS editors in 6 months time, I’m just going to develop my own!

If you are not keen on developing a new website from scratch in CSS (and lets be honest, who is?!), then I suggest you check out the following links:

Yahoo Grids – Ready made “fill in the blanks” grids or website layouts that can get you started right away. You don’t need to worry about how you are going to make the layout, they are already done.

4Templates – If you require something a little more professional, then these should be sufficient. 4Templates now ships a CSS (XHTML) version of the template with each order.

Adsense Work

Ah…AdSense. It’s like an old pair of jeans. You know it’s probably worn out and there’s nothing you can do about it, but you find yourself coming back to it again and again.

This is what has happened at the moment…

If any of you have any internet marketing experience, I’m sure you’d have heard of a chap named Armand Morin. Recently he did a teleseminar about his adsense work.

The entire seminar lasted for almost 3 hours and man there was a lot of information in there!

Now I can’t go in to specifics here, because that’s unfair to those that paid to be in on the seminar. But a lot of his work has been done using his own software called Directory Generator. The guy has literally thousands of websites set up using this software.

I am yet to purchase Directory Generator as it’s got quite a steep price ($247), and I’m pretty sure you can achieve similar results with Traffic Equalizer which is slightly cheaper.

Basically the theory goes that quantity is better than quality. Just throw up as many pages as you can, as often as you can (maybe 5 a day) and you will start seeing results. Even if each site only makes $5 a month, if you have 1000 websites, that’s a lot of cash.

When I told my programmers about the system Armand Morin uses, they actually got very excited and started talking about how they could make something similar, but better. So watch this space, I might have a even better product for you soon!

So now based on Armand’s advice, I have created ‘holding’ pages for all my unused domains, each site has thousands of pages and a good chance of being indexed. Anyone that lands on any of these pages will see my adsense code (amongst other things). These are domains that would otherwise have sat dormant doing nothing.

I’m also doing a number of other things based on his advice, but I simply cannot share them here until they become general knowledge in the adsense community. Sorry guys!

One thing I can share with you though is that I’ve just purchased 150 ready made adsense sites, with between 50 and 1500 pages in each site. The idea is to just throw them all up online and forget about them. There’s going to be nearly 75,000 pages with your adsense code on it, so you will be seeing some traffic regardless. You can purchase these sites too from Adsense Ready Websites

Will Yahoo Sneak Ahead of Google?

Talking to various webmasters, it is apparent that Google Adsense program has not been paying well this month. Pennies are being earned where once it was dollars. One unfortunate fellow tells me that he is seeing a 1/3rd less Adsense earnings in January than for all other months.

Even on my sites I’ve noticed a definite down turn in earnings. The funny thing is, I’m getting more clicks and impressions than ever, but the click value has plummeted, sometimes to 5 cents or less.

This is not good for Google, when they have the likes of Yahoo Publisher snapping at their heels. For those that are not aware, Yahoo Publisher is Yahoo’s version of AdSense. You put Yahoo code on your website (the code looks pretty much the same as Googles) and it servers up contextual ads based on the website content.

Seeing how Yahoo have a good two years catch up to do, the obvious way to achieve this is to pay webmasters more than what they would be earning if they used AdSense. Us webmasters are fickle fellows, if company X is paying more than company Y for the same thing, we’d head over to company X in our millions.

So, is it worth signing up to Yahoo Publisher? I have a friend who certainly thinks so. She runs the incredibly popular Halo 2 movies directory called Halo 2 Spy (don’t ask me where the ‘spy’ comes into it). It basically is a massive directory of movies that gaming nerds have made of themselves playing the xBox game: Halo 2.

It’s incredibly popular and receives thousands of page impressions every day. When she was using Google Adsense she was recording hundreds of clicks a day but only earning a handful of dollars.

She heard about the Yahoo Publisher program and decided to give it a go, and what do you know? Her impressions and clicks remained the same but her earnings went up 3 fold. Is it because Yahoo was serving up better ads or are they just paying more per click? I couldn’t tell you the exact answer, but the fact is, they are paying more. Much more.

Unfortunately at the time of writing the Yahoo Publisher is only open to US residents (for payment), but it should be around soon for those of us in the rest of the world. So probably we’ll start seeing less of “Ads by Gooooooogle” and more “Ads by Yahoooooooo”.