The Battle of The Bulge

Weight loss. Fat loss. Dieting. Whatever you want to call it, it’s something that I’m sure most of us would like to do at some point but that carrot cake and latte from Costa Coffee is so much more enticing than pounding the treadmill for 30 minutes solid. Every year I know people make a resolution to lose some weight, or at least not put on any more weight, but we all know what happens by the end of January!

Exactly this time last year I was dragged kicking and screaming danced and skipped merrily to my nearest gym and excitedly signed up for a year of pain and torture. So it was on this day one year ago I was hoisted up on the industrial cattle scales and found to weigh an unsightly 73.9kg which put my BMI at approximately 26 which means I wasn’t quite in the same league as say a fridge but I wasn’t a sprightly cheetah either.

I’ll be honest with you here. Losing the pounds was hard. Very hard. Over the weeks I had to be content with small victories like losing 0.2kg in a week and not to mention face the teasing from the office staff who found it hilarious that I was working out at the gym almost daily with no visible results to show for it.

Fortunately though, I did get a lot of support from the online community and friends in general and received several messages of support via Twitter which gave me the motivation to carry on!

At one point, not long after joining the gym I even started gaining weight which was quite alarming, going up to 74.5kg but then after that it started to come down very, very, very slowly. I restricted myself to weighing in just once a week so that I wouldn’t become obsessed with the daily fluctuations. Some weeks there wasn’t any change, other weeks I could lose as much as 0.5kg and then there were weeks where I put weight back on. It was tough!

Now I didn’t change my diet too much, I’ve mentioned before how little meat I eat nowadays and my alcohol intake is insignificant, meaning that my tolerance is now so low that I would be a very cheap date for anyone! I don’t consider my diet to be too unhealthy although my girlfriend respectfully disagrees. I don’t pig out on sweets, chocolate and soft drinks, infact I don’t eat/drink any of that stuff, but then I don’t consciously avoid foods either so I’ll happily order a dessert if I go out somewhere to eat. Could I improve my diet? Yes, definitely, but I refuse to eat carrot or celery sticks as a “delicious snack”.

The real killer for me was going back to England, once in April for a week and then in October for 2 weeks. I’m not sure if it was the British food, home cooking, drinking more beer, the paninis, carrot cake and extra large lattes from Costa Coffee or just the fact that I ate more while back in England but it all contributed to piling on the pounds and arriving back in India heavier than when I left.

In August I joined a new gym and the trainers designed a whole work out regime for me which consisted of weight lifting, cardio and core exercises (think yoga stuff). Apart from the blip in October the training schedule has done its job and slowly the weight came off. Breaking past 70kg proved to be very elusive though and I stagnated for several weeks which was pretty annoying!

However, many people put in their New Years resolutions that they want to lose weight, and even though I only lost about 4.5kg, I still count it as a small victory – I still weigh less now than I did this time last year. The physical difference is that I’m a whole lot stronger, a whole lot fitter and on the road to losing the famous Claridge double chin!

That said, even at 69.2kg I wouldn’t say I am at a healthy weight, but, and I might be tempting fate here, I can almost feel the skinny man fighting to get out.

The most annoying part of losing weight is when you hear how other people are melting away the pounds with seemingly no effort at all. I know of one 47 year old man who is around my height and weighed over 89kg. He decided that it was time to do something about it earlier this year and by changing his diet and going for walks in the morning he lost 20kg in about 5 months!

Anyway, I hope to build on what I’ve done so far, I know 4.5kg sounds like something you can lose in a month but as I said, I’m not going to starve or deny myself anything. Hopefully by the end of 2012 I’ll be 65kg which is a far healthier weight for my height. I also hope this provides some comfort or reassurance to anyone trying to lose weight but finding it very difficult! Keep up with the gym, if nothing else it’s good for your heart!

Update: No, the picture of the fat belly is not me! It’s a stock photo!

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  1. TeaKayB

    Glad to see I made an appearance in this one! I’m including in my new year’s resolutions the standard weight-loss promises, and I hope to make a better job of it next year than this… I’ve still got the exercise bike and the Wii, plus an Xbox and various DVD box sets including all 97 episodes of Quantum Leap. All that remains is finding the time to sit (atop my noncycle) and watch them. Having said that, I’ve done a good job of remaining stable this year, all apart from the last fortnight in which I’ve expanded alarmingly. It’s all that Swedish food.

    On this subject, if you take a look at my blog I’ve just in these last few minutes posted my own detox remedy based upon the gibberish that is homeopathy.

    And, staying faithful to some of our recent conversations, “paninis” should remain apostrophe free, whilst “bulge” should be rather more ‘d’-less than it is in your title 😉

    1. Peter

      As we get older I think it’s going to be more difficult to keep our weight down. I’m sure I could have lost more but starving or denying myself something isn’t the way I want to do it! My new year’s resolutions for the past 4 years has also included learning the local language because I think it’s an absolute disgrace that I can’t converse with people here in their own language, yet my vocabulary remains “yes”, “no”, “thank you”, “too expensive” and rather ironically given the blog post, “yes, I am very hungry and not had my lunch yet”!

      Loved your DIY homeopathy detox plan, qualified homeopathic doctors are readily available here in India and even have a chain of clinics spread throughout the country to solve your ailments. Infact, if your DIY homeopathy doesn’t work, you can always make an appointment to see a qualified homeopathic doctor about your weight loss. They’ll even assist with diagnosing your obesity 🙂

      Many thanks for the grammar corrections, I feel ever so slightly embarrassed! To return the favour I noted an errant “their” instead of “there” in your blog post!

    1. Peter

      I will be able to show off my before and after pics, Prem! Before: great big fat belly. After: lean, toned six pack 🙂

  2. Mum

    You should use your suit as a guage, like Dad, if its tight its time to lose weight! Or you can come to Zumba with your mum and sister next time you are home, sure works up a sweat!

    1. Peter

      Oddly enough the weight isn’t really going from around my middle but from my arms and legs. I’ve been given a new regime for the new year with just one day of cardio and 4 days of a cardio+weights mixture. Apparently it will help boost my metabolism as I’ll be doing 30 minutes of cardio a day now. We’ll see what happens! 65kg is the next target!


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