Daylight Robbery On The British Trains

I just purchased a single train ticket to take me from Market Harborough to London St Pancras tomorrow morning at 9am. The whole journey takes about 60 minutes and East Midland Trains, the thieving robbing bastards that they are, see it fit to charge a staggering £50 for the pleasure. It’s not paying for the fuel or staffing costs, it’s more than likely paying for the station refurbishment at St Pancras.

If the Government want more people to take public transport, then they need to sort out the prices of it first because at fifty quid a go it’s only going to be the wealthy people who can afford to not have a car! What’s more, if Network Rail (or whatever the hell it is now) franchise out the lines it means money grabbing companies like East Midland Trains have got the monopoly on that route and have no competition or incentive to keep the prices down.

£50 pounds for a 60 minute train ride. Britain is broken. The country has gone to the dogs. I’m not going to be hanging round here.

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  1. Fay

    Think it’s got something to do with the corrupt way in which it was privatised. The structure of the thing means that the companies that lease the rolling stock (the ROSCOs) are unregulated and can pretty much charge what they want.

    Not sure what pot of money the St Pancreas refurbishment came out of, but the way the government assigns contracts is no doubt pretty corrupt. It should be about quality and value for money, but it’s often got a lot more to do with relationships. Yup, sucessive governments have sold the UK’s assets to the dogs and they are continuing to do so.


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