Public Sector Still Flogging The Dead Horse

I just can’t get my head around the fact that the public sector feels so hard done by that they need to keep on striking to try and force through their demands. What part of: The country will go the way of Greece, Ireland and Portugal if we don’t cut our costs, do these public sector workers not understand?

With the private sectors struggling to find growth and job security balancing on a knife edge any one who has a job right now should be thankful – there are 2 million people in the UK who would love to be in your position. Well, OK, I’m sure a certain percentage of those are more than happy to have the country continuing to pay them benefits.

The Government is asking you to contribute more to your pension? Well suck it up, it’s YOUR pension, it’s going to come back to you when you retire! If the private sector workers can manage then so can the public sector. Grr, it makes me so mad when I see people who think they have a sense of entitlement!

Pensions Row: Unions Plan 'Day Of Action' - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

Pensions Row: Unions Plan ‘Day Of Action’ – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance general secretary Brendan Barber warned that unless a deal with ministers was reached it would be “the biggest trade union mobilisation for a generation”.

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