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United just beat Chelsea 3-1 at Old Trafford but the scoreline certainly didn’t reflect the nature of the game – it could have been 5-3 or even more. United offered a bit more of their tiki-taka football but Chelsea were pressing and closing down very quickly throughout the match which disrupted United’s flow somewhat. United were very fortunate with all their goals because any other day they’d have been ruled out for offside and the third was just the kind of luck you sometimes need in a match.

Overall, Chelsea were the better side showing more desire to attack and shoot which I think was reflected in the stats with Chelsea having 20 attempts on goal vs United’s 12, however once again Torres proved what a £50m waste of space he is, missing sitter after sitter until the dying minutes where he managed to miss an open goal which even my granny could have converted.

Rooney uncharacteristically missed a penalty after he slipped on his run up, but there was a semblance of fate about it because the penalty was very soft and again on any other day would never have been awarded. Berbatov too, missed an open goal when Cole came back and cleared the line – it was getting to the point where people were queuing up to take a shot but no one wanted to score!

Rooney was easily the man of the match for United but Anderson was the weak link today, giving the ball away far too many times. It was only thanks to Torres’ uselessness that he didn’t pay for his mistakes. Anyway, another victory for United, the Red Devils march on-on-on.

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