British Teenagers Living In La-La Land

A couple of dates ago I asked people to sign a Government petition to teach school kids about financial literacy. Today a report has been published that says most teenagers don’t even know the cost of basic food items like eggs and bread along with washing powder with 1 in 10 thinking that a loaf of bread costs just 29p! On the other hand, they knew to the nearest pound how much things like iPhones, iPads and PS3’s cost! Fair enough, it’s not like it matters too much since they are not going to be doing the weekly family shop, but it could have implications when they head off to uni or how much free cash they’ll have to spend when the get a job.

The price of bread? It's 29p, says one in 10 teenagers - Telegraph

The price of bread? It’s 29p, says one in 10 teenagers – Telegraph new survey has found that over half of teenagers did not know that bread costs more than £1 a loaf, with one in 10 believing that it costs around 29p. However, eight in…

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