Belarus Look To Steal England’s Worst Goalkeeper Crown

England has produced its fair share of calamitous goalkeepers; Paul Robinson, Calamity James, Ben Foster, Scott Carson and Robert Green spring immediately to mind (which kinda sucks since these are or were all our national keepers at one time or another) and even the less well known goalkeeper, Peter Claridge who once famously managed to reduce Ridgeway’s 7-1 lead over the mighty Little Bowden to just 7-6 in fifteen minutes before he decided on a career change and became a computer geek instead.

Anyway, it turns out that Belarus are equally good at churning out naff goalkeepers as FC Torpedo Zhodino (What!? You haven’t heard of them?!) discovered when their keeper, Artem Gomelko managed to divert a 70 yard speculative shot which was going wide in to his own net. No doubt Capello will be on the phone soon to see if he’s eligible for England.

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