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Ear Wax…

Yes, I know it’s not something that is generally discussed at posh cocktail parties, but I think the problem of ear wax has been overlooked on many travel related websites, so I’ve taken it upon myself to issue a public service announcement about ear wax and high humidity locations. Think of it as one of the little benefits of reading this site 😀

I noticed that I seemed to have way more ear wax since coming to India, so I did some research and read through some medical journals and found that there is a scientific link between high humidity conditions and an increase in the production of ear wax. No one quite seems to know why though.

So there you have it, if you are coming to India (or maybe you are already here and wondering why you have more ear wax than usual), make sure you pack cotton wool ear buds to keep your ear channels squeaky clean.

As I said, I know no one wants to read about this stuff, but if I don’t tell you, who else will?!

Hilarious Spoof Video Trailer

Just came across this hilarious spoof video trailer on YouTube, it’s called Brokeback To The Future and tells the untold love story between Marty and Doc…

And if you thought that was hilarious, check out the star wars video, suitable titled: Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback

“Well my little friend, you got something jammed in here real good!”

I think the Star Wars trilogy has more innuendos than any other film put together!