Outsourcing Interview

The other week I saw an email in my inbox (and to be honest, it was one of my mailing list addresses that I use for all internet marketing stuff, and I only saw it as I was scanning through the subject titles to see if there was anything of interest) when I saw one about a new outsourcing project from Chris Crompton called Outsource Mastermind.

Being in the subject matter of the new product (I’m working for a company to whom people outsource to), I was very interested and opened up the site. Chris was asking for feedback and suggestions on what he should include in the product (great way to create the perfect product btw, ask the people what they want and then fill that need).

I filled out the form and basically said, ‘hey, I’m from the UK but I’ve moved to India to work for an outsourcing company, plus I have loads of experience in outsourcing, get in contact’…which he did.

The end result was a 30 minute long telephone interview which he recorded and will (hopefully!) be adding to his product.

You can check out Chris’s blog and get some great FREE outsourcing tips by text and video. There’s one tip about a sneaky way to choose the programmer that’s just brilliant, and I’d never have thought of it before. Go check it out here.

Outsourcing Mastermind should be ready for release in April.

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