Boo To MeWebHost

This is a broadside shot at who have just deleted my PayPal directory from their servers. It provided a directory of thousands of merchants that accepted PayPal in virtually every category available.

There was no warning sign, just an email landed in my inbox saying “your site is using too many resources and has been deleted under our terms and conditions”. And nothing else, no chance to contest their claims, not even a chance to make a backup – just gone.

The most annoying thing (aside from losing all the data) is that the site was raking in over $400 a month – and anyone that owns a directory knows that that is a phenomenal amount!

So thanks MeWebHost, you’ve just screwed up a nice little earner for me!

Mosquito Bite Count: 4 – the little buggers have returned! 

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  1. Ben

    Are you sure you were not shut down for not paying your bill? Because I show alot of billing notices sent to your email at Unlike last year there was no request to pay by paypal for another year. Needless to say your content was on our servers in and archive back up until last month. I don’t see that you ever attempted to cotnact us this year to see what happened. As we are always happy to reestablish an account.

    As for this claim of deleting your site for using too much resources, you were no where near full qouta on the account. We do not delete an account unless it posses risk to other customers, if it over qouta we make arrangements to move you to another service long before we would shut your account down. There are alot of customers on the Giga plan that are using more then 90% of the resources that have not been kicked off, why would we when you were at around 20%

    Also your domain is still pointing to us.

    At the same time, just a thought. But if something is giving you nice amount of cash, why not have a back up on your pc of the site content / data, not to mention if your anything like me serval back ups. I am seriously paranoid person when it comes to data lose. Your site could easily have been moved to another host with minimal lose with just a switch of your dns.

    I’m sorry I did not find this post sooner or that you had not contacted me perhaps we could have saved your data. Anyways best of luck to you.

  2. Rod White

    MeWebhost is HORRIBLE!!! Their customer service uses profanity in their email to customers, and that is if you are lucky enough to get any response at all. Stay away from this company if you know what’s best!!!

  3. Ron

    Always keep a backup of your website on your PC, that’s the #1 rule for webmasters! Then if your host fails so badly you can have you site on another host next day (after DNS propagate)

  4. D

    Mewebhost=very poor service. Ask for a refund, get abused, get ignored, and if you have the tenacity to keep trying (like i do) they block your IP and change your email address.

  5. Ben


    Very good advice. Though you many need it for reasons not related to your webhost. Sometimes it can be because of scripts or perhaps design work. More often I see its because of design work or accidental deletions.

    As for Rod and D,

    Rod White you stated:

    5. The reason I am canceling my account is that I have never used it, and do not feel that it is useful for me at this time.

    How are we Horrible again?

    D, or Dermot:

    Well you purchased our unlimited account and our Solo package.

    Your complaints: The unlimited did not have a webhost manager, this was not a listed part of the specs of this package (this is available on the solo). Your other complaint was that site design software was not available on the Solo (Available on the unlimited plan), which was an extra service you had to purchase we offered to you or that you go to sitegrinder to get it for yourself. You canceled only one account 34 days after it was due, and not the other when both accounts were past due for their next billing.

  6. Roger

    I have several websites hosted on MeWebhost for 8 years and they have generally been fairly diligent about responding to issues.

    I have had a few broken-English replies in the middle of the night (as is typical from out-sourced tech-support) but never discourtesy.

    Because of all the reselling in the hosting business its pretty hard to tell who is actually managing your servers these days. MeWebHost used to be in PHX, but now the datacenter is in Miami …


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