As if it’s needed…

Today I had my ego stoked and grown to epic and quite possibly dangerous sizes as I read my emails. I had asked the support manager if we could have a meeting so I can give some advice to the customer support guys on providing great service.

He agreed and asked one of them to let the other team members know, and this was the email that was sent…

Hi Friends,
Its a great chance to interact with an internet savvy Mr.Peter. I request all of our Team members to comeout with every kind of related query, clarification whichever you come across in our day to day Technical Support, it can be marketing related query as well. We can get more inputs from Mr.Peter about the current Internet Marketing Trend and so on.

We have two full working day to prepare our list, so be prepare everything, if needed you can share the topics here itself so that if any two TSEs have same kind of topic, one can omit the topic which will save time during the session as well Mr.Peter also can be prepared to answer us with some case study.Mr.

Peter may not need much time to prepare since he already an expert on those topic which we are going to ask on Tuesday 🙂 just simply he can walk in and clear our doubts.

I will put my topics which we need to know from Mr.Peter at the earliest.

LOL, well, it’s put me in an excellent mood today, even after enduring several more hours of insane Indian bureaucracy. The story has to be told, because it’s just crazy.

In order to work in India you have to register with Indian immigration. Fair enough. But to register, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Company registration documents
  • Memorandum of understanding for the company
  • Memorandum of undertaking for the company
  • A letter from the applicant requesting the job
  • Acceptance letter from the company
  • Two forms of proof of address in India
  • Tenant / Mortgage agreement for address in India
  • Indian tax registration card
  • Certificate from the company that no suitable Indian was available for the job
  • Proof that attempts were made to recruit a suitable Indian
  • Photocopy of ALL pages of your passport
  • 6 passport sized photos

Phew! So weighed down with the sheer amount of paperwork (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few docs) you have to queue up to enter the building were a guy writes down your passport number on a scrap of paper.

You then get pointed to a desk with three people sitting behind it, each for different applications. There’s no set queue, but a range of chairs are placed infront of the desk and you have to shuffle along everytime a person gets seen.

At the desk a person looks through your papers, then from that desk you get sent to another room with a counter where a guy looks at the exact same documents and sends you back to the original desk (and same original person) to pick up a plastic disc with a number on it. You then get sent back to the same room but to a different counter where the person collects your papers and writes you a note asking you to come back in two days time.

There’s just no words to explain the craziness of the system.

Still, with the email that I got earlier, even Indian bureaucracy couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!

Mosquito Bite Count: 0! They’ve all been exterminated by an electrified tennis racket – hours of fun

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  1. Mum

    Oh if only they knew Mr. Peter Like I know Mr. Peter. No really I hope it goes well and you can clear all their doubts. I am proud of you!


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