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I just wanted to share with you some results that I’m getting by going for a run fairly regularly around a local park. I started off really badly and was out of breathe but now I’ve done it nearly a dozen times I’m pretty shocked at the results I’m seeing. In just over a month I’ve managed to knock off over a minute from my original time.

The course that I run around is shown below. Thanks to Google Maps for the image (not entirely sure if I’m allowed to post such an image). The red sections are the parts I run and the blue section is the part I (currently) have to walk. The blue part is actually up a small hill 🙂 The starting point is in the bottom right hand corner where the red lines meet to a ‘V’ shape.

Route of my running course

I’ve taken a rough measurement based on the scale in the bottom left hand corner and it seems to be about 1.1 miles all the way around. If I include the route to and from my house then the entire course is about 1.6 miles.

The bit I actually time myself around is the course shown in red though.

The time it takes me to get around this course is still quite shameful, but it’s getting better as time goes on as this graph below shows…

My Running Times Graph

For some reason I seem to be getting my best times on Mondays, then throughout the week the times creep back up again. My most recent run (today) gave a time of 11 minutes dead on, but on Monday I did it in 10 minutes 53 seconds, so I was 7 seconds slower. I wonder what it will be like on Friday?

One theory I have that I get better results on Monday is because I’ve had a couple of days rest and my body is better prepared. But it’s just a shot in the dark theory, so who knows!?

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