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Today I’m proud to introduce a new “proof of concept” website that for the time being I am calling Kabizzle. Why Kabizzle? No idea, but that’s not what’s important. The important thing is what it can do.

You see, Kabizzle has been born out of my frustration of managing and tracking all the PLR products that I own. PLR, for those of you that are not in the know, stands for Private Label Rights. It means I can take a product such as an ebook or piece of software and call it my own, say I wrote it and put my name on it.

I’m a member of at least a half a dozen monthly PLR sites that each month give you hundreds of new articles, ebooks, software or audio products. I also actively buy PLR firesales from the likes of Jeremy Burns or Edmond Loh. All this means my 160 GB harddrive is close to over flowing and worse…I have no idea what’s on it.

Everytime I create a new product I find myself again and again trawling through my folders trying to find all the PLR products on topics like “SEO” or “affiliate marketing” or maybe “list building”. Days can be wasted as I search through these folders.

So now I have Kabizzle…


It’s a search engine, just like Google or Yahoo, except that this is a search engine for Internet Marketers.

It allows you to type in a keyword (it’s only a proof of concept site and can’t handle multiple keywords yet) and returns all the PLR products that it knows of that matches your searched keyword.

For each product it tells you from which site it came from (the provider) and when it was introduced. This hopefully allows you to then be able to zero in on the files on your computer. It means you don’t have to go through every folder and every firesale to see if there are any related products, you just pop your search term in and it tells you instantly if there are any available products.

As I have mentioned a few times now, this is a just a proof of concept site and is by no means the finished thing or all working the way I want. It’s just a search function with a few products loaded in to it.

If you are an internet marketer, I’m very keen on getting your feedback, whether you think something like this is useful, would you use it and what extra features you think it needs to make it an excellent resource.

Here’s the link to it again:


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