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2 Stupid Adverts From Marketers That Just Don’t “Get It”

There are plenty of awful adverts on TV, I’m sure people can reel off about a dozen ads that do their nut in too. I’ve got a couple of ads that really annoy me, not because they are bad ads (they are actually mildly amusing) but because the marketers that made the ads are so far off base and out of touch with the consumer market they might aswell be trying to sell AK-47’s to the Peace Corps.

I know that I’m playing into the hands of these marketers by showing these ads here, but I don’t care. I need to vent my fury at the stupidity of whoever made them.

The first ad is for an alco-pop called WKD. It’s the drink of teenage girls, and underage kids looking to get drunk on something that tastes ‘nice’.

So why then, given that these are the sorts of people that drink WKD, are they marketing the drink at young 20 something lads who drink beer lager and if they don’t drink lager they drink vodka red bull. It makes me mad. The worst part is, these ads appear when there’s a football match on because that’s when the majority of lads are watching football.

Dear Stupid Marketers…You have it all wrong! Redo your demographics, guys just do not drink alco-pops.

Here’s the first movie:

Yes, it is quite funny, but it would be far more effective if it was selling beer.

Wouldn’t you know it, but I’ve completely forgotten what the second advert was. I will try and remember and edit this post later on. Actually, next time I watch football the entirely inappropriate advert will probably come on. It might be some of those new age ‘moisturisers and skin care’ products for men from Nivea.

Do you have an ad that really annoys you because the product is aimed at completely the wrong person

Creating The Perfect SEO Optimized Website

On one of the forums I visited recently someone asked what was the perfect website design for SEO. It got me thinking because although I have a good idea what makes a perfect (or at least a best guess perfect because who really knows how the search engines work) design, I’ve never sat down and created one.

What’s more, I don’t have any evidence to suggest that a search engine optimized layout will do any better in the search engines than a normal HTML layout. Using an SEO layout could be wishful thinking for all I know.

With that said, here are the ingredients that in theory make up the perfect SEO website layout.

  1. The code has to be as clean as possible. This means using tableless CSS to define the layout rather than tables because it makes the website much ‘lighter’ and the content becomes the dominant factor rather than the table dividers, rows, font attributes etc.
  2. The should be as little text and or code from where the body starts to where the content starts. Again, this is the case for using tableless CSS as you can virtually have the content be the first thing the spider reads as it crawls your site while still maintaining an attractive design
  3. Your H1 and H2 tags should be as close to the beginning of the code as possible. This is to make sure the spider reads it first as the H1 tag is often given a lot of prominance in the search engine rankings. It’s like a big neon sign that says “this page is about ABC”
  4. Make your content appear before the menu in your code. This makes sure the spider doesn’t get distracted by all the other keywords in your menu and indexes all your content before it moves on to another page
  5. Use the title attribute in your h1, h2, a and img tags. The title attribute enables you to add a few more relevant keywords about the page and increase the keyword density of the page
  6. What ever method you use to code the website (HTML/XHTML) make sure it is valid code. It is often said that Google will rank a valid code website above a non-valid one, however, I don’t have any evidence to support this. But hey, it can’t hurt, right?

Using the pointers above, i sat down and attempted to create my first XHTML/tableless CSS valid website that was extremely optimized for the search engines. Here’s what I came up with…

Screenshot of my SEO Template

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