Weight Loss Tips!

Ha! I wonder if my blog will get flagged as spam if I talk about weight loss – not the normal topic of conversation on this blog that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some guys out there reading this that will look down at their gut now and maybe spend a moment or two pondering life without the belly (or maybe it’s worse than that…not the man boobs!).

Well I have a little tip for anyone looking to shed a few pounds and it’s so simple even a child could do it!

What is the secret? How did I lose over half a stone (7lbs / 3.17kg) in a month?

Quite simply, I virtually cut out all beer from my diet.

That’s it.

No exercise, no dieting, no eating miniscule portions.

I just cut right back on the amount of beer that I drank and the fat virtually melted away. It was incredible.

So if you have a bit of a gut, try cutting out the beer for a week and watch what happens – you’ll probably be pleasently surprised! The only downside is that next time you drink a beer you’ll feel the effects a lot sooner – though that might not be a bad thing – cheaper on the wallet šŸ˜‰

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