The New AdSense Referrals

In the past couple of weeks, Google has revamped it’s referrals program to not only include Google products, but hundreds of other products too! It can literally mean the difference between a 1 cent click and a $5 click.

With the new referrals program, Google has moved into an area traditionally dominated by the likes of Commission Junction and other smaller companies like ClixGalore and ShareaSale. By adding banners and links to your page you can now get paid through Google’s AdSense program for leads and sales generated from your website (as well as the traditional pay per click revenue).

The Pay Per Lead opportunities are a great way of making some fast extra cash. 99% of the time the companies paying you for a lead just need the name and email address of the person you are referring. So now, when you write an article, instead of putting normal PPC (pay per click) ads at the bottom, you can tell people to find out more by sending them to a page where they have to give their email address and you get paid up to $2 for sending that lead. Sure beats sending someone to another site for a measly 20 cents!

You will find the referral program under the AdSense Setup tab in your AdSense members area.

AdSense Referrals Program

You get taken to a page that has 15 categories on various topics. Each of these categories has a range of products in them where you can get paid either for sending a lead or you can get paid per sale. You can have up to 15 products rotating in a referral unit. This would be a very good way of having a banner rotator on your site provided by Google.

AdSense Referrals Program

Clicking on any of the products within these categories will take you to a page that tells you more about the program you have selected. It will tell you if you get paid per sale or paid per lead. I came across this Homestead product (see image below) that will pay me $96.15 per sale that comes from my website. Below the program details it gives me a range of banners and text links that I can use to promote the program.

AdSense Referrals Program

One thing I’m not keen on with this new referrals program is that I can’t change text contained in the text links, I have to use them ‘as is’. Also, because the links are javascript, I can’t embed them in a piece of text very easily, I would need to put it on a separate paragraph.

I found a forex advertiser that was willing to pay me $7.69 for anyone that signed up for a demo or real account – which is absolutely free! Unfortunately they only have a 468×60 text banner, so it’s no use for customizing and integrating nicely. Still, if you run a site on forex, and can integrate this banner nicely, earning $7.69 per lead isn’t bad! However, you have to remember that you won’t get paid for any clicks, so the person has to sign up for a free account for you to actually get paid.

AdSense Referrals Program

I think if you can do enough to ‘pre-sell’ the leads or products being offered on AdSense Referrals then it can be an excellent additional income stream.

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