My Work Has Been Recognised By Time Magazine!

Stockpicker website screenshot

Well here’s a turn up for the books (and about bloody time!), my work has been recognised by the world renown Time Magazine! I’m not directly recognised (boo!), but one of the sites that I worked on has made it to the Time Magazine Top 50 Websites of 2007. This has put such a big grin on my face and my ego has been inflated to biblical proportions. So…forgive me while I have a little boast 🙂

The site in question is called Stockpickr and the aim is to allow people to enter their top 3 stock picks and then the site puts you in touch with people that have chosen the same stocks and people that have similar stocks. You can also check out the ‘gurus’ picks and find out who the best stock pickers are.

You can see the full article here: Time Articlel

I was responsible for the development of the site, having a large amount of input on how it was to work, what information was needed etc. I also created the layout and content architecture of the site which means deciding where everything should go, what text was needed, how the pages interlinked with one another and how everything fits together. Finally I created the programming requirements document which outlined everything the site had to do so that the programmers could understand the functionality that is required.

I’ve uploaded some screenshots of my original (1st revision) mockups for the site below…

Hopefully you can see the similarity to my original mockups to the final design located on – although I’m not a fan of the final design. I think it could be improved a lot.

Stockpickr Portfolio Page
This is your portfolio where you can check out all the stocks you have picked, the latest news and the graphs and charts for your stocks.

Stockpickr Members Portfolio Page
This shows the members portfolio page. You would see this page when you are checking out someone elses profile and what stocks they are picking

Stock Page
This is the individual stock page where the member can get more information on the particular stock, find out which people have this stock in their portfolio and have a discussion about it

Stockpickr Admin Area
This shows the beginnings of the admin area. This screenshot shows the admin area still under development

You might note that none of these layouts are graphical masterpieces, but the purpose of a mockup is to allow the customer to see visually all the information that will go on the site and make it easier for them to work out what else is required and how it will all work. It also speeds up development time because a programmer can look at the mockup and work out very quickly the database structure and the mySQL queries that will be required.

As I said earlier, I’m chuffed to bits that something that I have worked on has received recognition from an internationally known magazine.

Stockpickr was programmed by Agriya, a PHP Outsourcing company located in Chennai, India and with whom I have worked closely with in the past on dozens of different projects. Just waiting for the next project to get this sort of recognition now.

Woo hoo!

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  1. Mum

    Well done Peter. I’m proud of you and have told all my friends. No idea what it’s all about but I’m sure it’s impressive to those who understand!


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