I’m A Winner!

I never win anything. Even if I enter a competition where everyone’s a winner. I’d come last. It’s something I’ve learned to accept and get on with.

However, that all changed this morning when I received a text message from GameMobile.co.uk informing me that my recent review of the Lemmings Return game for mobile phones had won the monthly contest and my prize was a free game. Yeah, ok, the games are only worth £3.99 each, but it’s a start. Maybe I can review the free game I get and win the July review contest and get another free mobile game. I’m thinking the new monopoly game.

If you like playing games on your mobile (or if you are so bored on your daily commute to and from work) then check out GameMobile.co.uk for hundreds of games for your phone. They even have some freebie games like Snake and Doom.

So I guess you are probably wondering what amazing piece of literally I penned to win the monthly review competition. Well wonder no more, I’ve added it below:

If you are wondering if lemmings on your mobile can recreate the experience you had on your amiga then fear not – it’s a like for like clone of the classic lemmings game. The graphics, music, skills, gameplay etc are all the same.

As usual you have 3 levels of difficulty (fun, tricky and taxing) and there are 28 levels in total. So often with mobile games they lack the depth of game play that you can complete them after plaing for just a few days (or sometimes hours) on your commute to and from work.

However, with lemmings, i’ve had it for nearly 3 weeks now and i’m still playing it. Some of the harder levels even took a couple of days to find the solution. The addiction is to go back and complete a level faster or to rescue just one more lemming than last time.

The controls can be a bit fiddly because of the size of the screen and limitations in moving your cursor quickly enough (i have the n73). However you can kind of cheat and keep pausing the game while you assign a skill to an individual lemming.

I would also have liked to see some more levels, but it’s game size is one of the restrictions of mobile games. If you are looking for a game that can keep you entertained for more than 5 minutes then lemmings is well worth the money.

What an inspiring review! I should become a full time critic.

2 Comments I’m A Winner!

  1. phil

    The only problem with gamemobile is you will receive unwanted texts. I’ve check out the website and there appears to be no terms and conditions to opt out of text spamming. Replying to gamemobile text to ask them to stop is not allowed. The website doesn’t provide their company address so you can ask them to stop. They do show an email address but this comes back undeliverable. So there is nothing you can do. I waiting to find out if I have been charged for these texts. I have contacted the Office of Fair Trading, the Information Commission Office regarding Data protection. They are looking into this. I’m trying to get a code from my mobile provider to work out who they are to stop this. They are in breach of internet trading standards. Since they make it impossible to contact them I want the site suspending and the company fined.

  2. admin

    I’ve not actually had any problems with text spam from gamemobile.co.uk actually. I’ve bought games from them for years now and never had text spam.

    What sort of messages are you getting from them? They do say that there’s no subscriptions or further texts.



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