The Problems With GoDaddy: Part 2

This is a continuation of the post I made on 26th June which you can read about here. I’m carrying on by explaining what I think is wrong with the GoDaddy website, interface and ordering process.

Messy & Confused Website

In an attempt to offer every internet service under the sun, the GoDaddy website is mishmash of information. Assume you want to purchase a domain name. You assume they are all $8.95 or lower because that’s what the pretty image above the search box says. You notice some * marks above the prices which usually means there are some terms and conditions involved. After searching on the page you find that the * mark could mean that the domain costs $0.99 or $6.99 or maybe $5.99. It could even mean that there is a $0.22 ICANN fee added to the final cost. Who knows?!

So you type in the domain you want (and maybe get a little confused by the plethora of domain extentions that are available) and choose the .tv extension because your site will be about a TV show.

You click submit and a new page loads. Hang on a minute, it says it’s going to cost you $39.99 for that .tv domain. That wasn’t mentioned on the front page. And what’s this link advising you to buy multiple domains? And look at all the other domain options it’s giving you – an additional 21 domains – some of them not even the same as you entered. Finally, you can locate the Continue button – it’s right at the bottom of the page. Onwards to the next page.

OK, next page, time to enter my payment details? No, you must be kidding, they are still trying to sell you stuff. On this page they are attempting to convince people with little internet knowledge why they must purchase more than one domain or names that are similar to the one they are trying to buy. See the big green box that lets people add the extra domains to their cart? And underneath that in plain text a link to just continue as normal.

We just want our .tv domain, nothing else, so we say no thanks and continue to the checkout.

Awful Domain Management Interface

The only other company I’ve seen that has a worse interface than GoDaddy is Since a retarded chimpanze could create a better interface than DotRegister I can’t put my hand on my heart on honestly say GoDaddy’s is worse. However, on a scale of how bad can it be, if DotRegister is a 10, then GoDaddy is a healthy 7. At least the DotRegister interface works in Opera 8.5 – GoDaddy does not.

The finest domain management interface I have come across is from Namecheap. Actually, even RegisterFly had a half decent interface, but that’s pretty academic now.

Over the top prices

GoDaddy is not a cheap service. It might look cheap on the surface but most of these are loss leaders, designed to bring you into the site. Take for example the whois privacy protection service. It simply replaces your contact details with theirs when you do a whois lookup. For this they charge you $8.95 plus the cost of your domain so you end up paying $18+ just to buy a domain. Many other websites give you a whois protection service free of charge.

The servers and hosting from GoDaddy are run on software called Plesk, possibly the worst control panel in the world ever. In keeping with the slow, clunky unintuitive design of the GoDaddy website, plesk takes it to a whole new level.

Customer Support

One thing that GoDaddy does have going for it is the high quality of customer support that it offers. Emails are answered usually within a few hours (even though they state upto 48 hours) and problems are resolved quickly. I’ve never used their telephone support but I’ve heard that they have short waiting times and the staff seem to know what to do and there’s the feeling of they know what they are talking about and your problem will be solved.

I know many people put priority on the level of customer service provided by a company, so perhaps this is why GoDaddy have risen to the number 1 domain registrar. I’m pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with their website, prices and services 🙂

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