Shiney Object Syndrome!

I’m about to mention a major weakness that I have. But I acknowledge this weakness, and really wish I could prevent it.

The weakness is: Shiney Object Syndrome

It is the process of starting one project, seeing a new, shiney object (in my case, the shiney object is usually a new business idea or opportunity), leaving what you are doing and starting doing something else and never completing a project.

I will start many different projects, or websites and never actually get around to finish them because a shiney object has caught my attention and I’ve wondered off to go and investigate it. Hence I have dozens of unfinished websites and projects.

The problem stems from the fact that I can see something and think of a 101 ways to improve the business opportunity, software, service. I will then go ahead and do a half project before getting distracted again. The problem is also compounded by the length of time the project takes to complete. If it only took a week to complete, shiney object syndrome probably wouldn’t be a problem. But my ideas get too complex and intricate that after a few weeks I lose interest.

So…now the problem has been identified, how do I go about solving it.

First thing I’m doing is trying my hardest to reduce the project lead time. This means maybe not launching with a fantastic product which takes weeks, maybe months, but with a simple product that can be improved over time, but only takes a week or two to get out on the market.

Next thing I’m trying desperately hard to do is focus and not wonder off too look at the newest shiney object. This involves looking at my core skills and only focusing on projects that utilize these skills…this is much easier said than done!

Finally, I’ve stopped looking at all the internet marketing products out there and stopped buying the latest packages or products. Part of my problem was information overload, I didn’t know where to go or what to do next. This has now stopped and I’m not buying any more marketing products – sorry folks!

Hopefully these measures I’m putting into place will stop me getting distracted and allow me to focus on my core businesses and developing businesses that complement each other and use my strengths.

Will it be successful? I will let you know early January. Between now and then, I hope to have 3 or 4 new products released.

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