Photos and Videos From Chennai

I have posted some more photos of Chennai for your visual enjoyment on my Chennai Photos page.

I also took some photo’s of Agriya Infoway’s office, which is the web development company that I use for all my programming and development projects. The pictures were taken about 9pm India time so most people had gone home for the day.

I just want to take a moment to give a special shout out to my friend Sophie who sent me the following wonderful text message today:

Hi Peter! How’s India? Are you having a nice time? I hope it’s miserable! I think you should just come home!

It sounds to me like she’s a little bit jealous that she’s couped up in her little hamlet called Desborough instead of travelling across the globe on buinsess 🙂

Do you still think I should get a ‘proper’ job, Sophie?!

Here’s the link again the Chennai Photos and Chennai Videos

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