Today is Friday…Not Thursday

Have you ever been concentrating so much on something and so consumed by a single task that you completely lose track of time?

You know how it is, you start work at 9am and before you know it, it’s 5pm. I’ve had days like that.

But this one is a new one for me.

I’ve lost an entire day.

Today, I thought it was Thursday. I don’t know how. I’ve been so focused on creating these new ready made adsense sites that I’ve not stopped to really watch TV or read the news all week. Somehow my brain has lost a day to make me think it was Thursday and not Friday.

I was just preparing a job list for my two webmasters this evening, for jobs to do on Friday (or what I thought was going to be Friday), when their manager came onlie to tell me that they were having the weekend off. No problem I said, I’ll have them do this tomorrow and start again on Monday. But he replied, that they wouldn’t be in the office tomorrow because it’s the weekend.

So that stumped me and I argued back that it was Friday tomorrow…until I actually checked the date 🙁

So now it’s nearly midnight on a Friday night and I have been sat infront of a computer all night looking forward to my night off on Friday. Damn that sucks.

I do have a couple of theories on how this could have happened:

1. I was abducted by aliens and knocked out for 24 hours, thus losing a day

2. I slept through Tuesday (it’s such a boring day I find)

3. I have no friends and no life so who needs to keep track of the date anyway?!

These ready made adsense sites are truely consuming me. Everything from the designs, graphics, header, content, sitemaps on the site itself, to the website that’s going to be selling them and the programming that has to be done. I’m also working on the extensive members area which is going to provide great support and advice.

Each site will have the choice of two themed templates that match the theme of the niche, hopefully translated into Spainish and German, 3 types of sitemaps and if you are really lucky a partrich in a pear tree!

Damn, I wish it was Thursday!

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