Using the Instant Adsense Templates

I’ve just been out and bought 20 new domain names for use with the Instant Adsense Templates that I bought yesterday. At $2.75 a go for a .net from, you really can’t go too far wrong in my opinion!

Usually I like to use .com’s, but as these cost $6.99 each, it would cost me nearly $770 for the 110 domains that I would need instead of the $302 for the .net’s.

I thought the categories and articles had an air of familiararity (yet again, Google teaches me how to spell), and I read today that Joel Comm has simply used the PLR templates that are provided by – a little cheeky in my opinion, and bloody annoying as this was going to be my idea!

As I mentioned yesterday, the template designs are actually really not all that bad – much better than I was expecting. As an example of the quality, check out this instant adsense template website that I threw up today: Commercial Real Estate.

Not bad, huh?

I’m not entirely convinced about how much the images next to the adsense conflict with Google’s adsense terms, but Joel Comm says that apparently they are ok and do not conflict. This is what he has to say:

NOTE: At the time of this publication, Google terms of service do not prohibit the use of pictures next to AdSense blocks. However, it is known that Google has asked some publishers to put a border around the ad block to distinguish it from the pictures (even though it is not in the TOS).

Therefore, you may wish to choose a border color that does not match your background. For example, if your background is white you could choose a light gray (color #E0E0E0) border. Again this is just a suggestion, and you can experiment as you wish. Just be sure to comply with Google’s TOS at all times.

All I have to do now is work out how I want to promote all these sites (yeah, all 110 of them!). I thought I’d start off by adding them to my new free link directory and to a special blog that pings dozens of spiders each time I make a post.

I also want to add a few bits and pieces to these sites, like Amazon feeds, ebay feeds, clickbank products and some other contextual advertising that highlights keywords in your text.

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