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I’ve just bought the latest mega adsense package from Joel Comm called I bought it for $197 and there was a nice little upsell for more of the same for $97.

I tried and willed myself not to be sucked into the upsell, but I found it too good a opportunity to pass up – you literally double the amount of content you are getting for half the price.

I did decline on the CD’s that I was offered though – $27 per CD is a little excessive I thought when you can simply download the same material and burn it to CD yourself.

All in all there are 55 ready made sites (all with PLR articles). The sites all have pretty good templates (which is quite a surprise) and quite a bit of content in each. There’s 20 xsite pro templates (also converted to normal HTML for those of you without xsitepro), 15 wordpress templates (seriously nothing to write home about, 8 blogger templates (ditto for the wordpress) and 2 phpBB (online forum software) themes which again are not making me do cartwheels of joy.

The upsell contains the same, but a few less wordpress templates. So in all there are 110 pretty decent websites which are just waiting to be uploaded and promoted. Ah…I think the webmaster will have found himself a new job tomorrow!

I bought the package for $197 with a $97 upsell. But the package has gone up to $297 now, so I guess the upsell is now $197. I know it sucks when you find out that the new product you bought at the store yesterday is now on sale for 1/2 price today, and this is kinda what is happening now. You know you could have got the package for 1/2 the price.

RegisterFly are having another special offer on where you can buy .info’s for $0.60 and .net’s for just $2.75, so I guess tomorrow will be spent finding 110 new domain names. Wish me luck!

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