$167 For a Free CMS…Are You Mad?!

The other day I received an email from Michael Rassmussen promoting a website called Rapid Niche Websites.

It claimed it could use the power of wordpress (a free blogging software) to create killer mini affiliate sites. It would have the impact of a mini affiliate site, with the flexibility of a blog.

So I started reading through the sales pitch, and in the end I gave up with dispair. Everything that Jeff Walters was talking about as a benefit is freely available in the open source CMS called Drupal

Check out this comparison chart…

Rapid Niche Websites ($167) Drupal (Free)
Look like a niche website Drupal looks like a website anyway
Behave like a website Drupal is a CMS for websites
Click your mouse just once or twice, and you’ve added affiliate and Google adsense adverts to your site Drupal has the ability to add links and adsense in the menu as standard
Make building a new site an easy and very quick process Drupal installs in 5 minutes or less
Get high search engine rankings Drupal themes all have the correct tags for SEO built in as standard
Your content is stored in a flexible database Drupal stores all data in a database
It’s super-easy to search for information Drupal has built in search function
Change the look of your site using freely available themes Drupal can also do this
Add new web pages Drupal has a online text editor to add your content to webpages
Avoid any double-work to keep your site updated Drupal offers this as standard
Add new content – and WordPress automagically updates the site’s menu Drupal…yeah you get the idea
You’re not restricted by software installed on only one computer Ditto
You can add fresh content from any computer on the internet Ditto
Get others to help populate and keep your site up to date Ditto
You can add in new features Ditto
Your site automatically broadcasts any site updates to the world Ditto
You create new niche sites in hours I use drupal to do the same and have astonishing CTR’s on adsense
You can password protect certain areas of your site Ditto
You can get remote support from anywhere in the world Ditto

OK, so the comparison chart isn’t too easy to read, but basically I think this software Jeff is selling for $167 is a bit of a turkey.

It’s like paying £25,000 for what you think is a brand new hot hatch, and getting a Ford Fiesta with go faster stripes stuck down the side.

(apologies to my US readers who will no doubt have no idea what a “hot hatch” or a “Ford Fiesta” is. Remember guys, Google is your friend!)

In my opinion, keep the $167 in your pocket, and choose the far superior option of Drupal instead.

Sites using drupal…

The Onion
Our Media

My sites using drupal…

Core Exercises – One of my many many niche sites running drupal. Zero modifications made to this script, it’s the same script you can download from drupal. The CTR on adsense is double figures. You DO NOT need to pay $167 to get a niche site.

And finally…
PeterClaridge.com – Yes! This very site has been created in Drupal which shows you the true flexibility of this free, but powerful piece of sofware.

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