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$167 For a Free CMS…Are You Mad?!

The other day I received an email from Michael Rassmussen promoting a website called Rapid Niche Websites.

It claimed it could use the power of wordpress (a free blogging software) to create killer mini affiliate sites. It would have the impact of a mini affiliate site, with the flexibility of a blog.

So I started reading through the sales pitch, and in the end I gave up with dispair. Everything that Jeff Walters was talking about as a benefit is freely available in the open source CMS called Drupal

Check out this comparison chart…

Rapid Niche Websites ($167) Drupal (Free)
Look like a niche website   Drupal looks like a website anyway
Behave like a website   Drupal is a CMS for websites
Click your mouse just once or twice, and you’ve added affiliate and Google adsense adverts to your site   Drupal has the ability to add links and adsense in the menu as standard
Make building a new site an easy and very quick process   Drupal installs in 5 minutes or less
Get high search engine rankings   Drupal themes all have the correct tags for SEO built in as standard
Your content is stored in a flexible database   Drupal stores all data in a database
It’s super-easy to search for information   Drupal has built in search function
Change the look of your site using freely available themes   Drupal can also do this
Add new web pages   Drupal has a online text editor to add your content to webpages
Avoid any double-work to keep your site updated   Drupal offers this as standard
Add new content – and WordPress automagically updates the site’s menu   Drupal…yeah you get the idea
You’re not restricted by software installed on only one computer   Ditto
You can add fresh content from any computer on the internet   Ditto
Get others to help populate and keep your site up to date   Ditto
You can add in new features   Ditto
Your site automatically broadcasts any site updates to the world   Ditto
You create new niche sites in hours   I use drupal to do the same and have astonishing CTR’s on adsense
You can password protect certain areas of your site   Ditto
You can get remote support from anywhere in the world   Ditto

OK, so the comparison chart isn’t too easy to read, but basically I think this software Jeff is selling for $167 is a bit of a turkey.

It’s like paying £25,000 for what you think is a brand new hot hatch, and getting a Ford Fiesta with go faster stripes stuck down the side.

(apologies to my US readers who will no doubt have no idea what a “hot hatch” or a “Ford Fiesta” is. Remember guys, Google is your friend!)

In my opinion, keep the $167 in your pocket, and choose the far superior option of Drupal instead.

Sites using drupal…

The Onion
Our Media

My sites using drupal…

HYIP Monitor – A few custom mods were done for this site.
Core Exercises – One of my many many niche sites running drupal. Zero modifications made to this script, it’s the same script you can download from drupal. The CTR on adsense is double figures. You DO NOT need to pay $167 to get a niche site.

And finally… – Yes! This very site has been created in Drupal which shows you the true flexibility of this free, but powerful piece of sofware.

Internet marketing anyone?

Anyone here for internet marketing? Well, my hand is raised, is yours?

Internet Marketing has so much potential, yet so few people make money from it. Why is this? My belief is that there are two reasons:

1. A complete lack of motivation and a inherent laziness

2. Fear of success

The 1st reason will probably be very obvious to you. People are naturally lazy. The people that make the money are highly motivated and always busy doing constructive work. If you consider yourself to be busy working, but are getting no where fast, ask yourself if you are doing constructive work which is generating money, or are you doing hamster work and only working on things that don’t generate more money.

The second reason might sound a little strange. A fear of success holding you back from making money. I don’t really know how else to explain it. It’s like, people know what they should do to be successful, they know the steps they need to take to get there, they have all the information and knowledge available to them…and yet they fail to capitalize on it.

To actually start making lots of money would take them outside what they are used to maybe, or the added responsibility would take them out of their comfort zone.

I wish I could explain my theories on Fear of Success more eloquently, but I have failed. I know people that know precisely how to make money, they could make $100,000 in the next week if they really wanted to. But for some unknown reason, something is keeping them back.

Some marketers I think refer to this as stepping outside your comfort zone. If you are content with what you are currently earning, there is sometimes no motivation to step out of this comfort zone, to take a few risks and start on the path to earning real money. It’s like breaking the status quo holds an unspoken fear for them.

Hmm, how did I get started on this subject.

No idea, it’s not my fault.

The reason of this blog entry was supposed to be to tell you about the new site I’m developing over at IntMark Online. It’s very much a work in progress, but I’d appreciate any comments. What do you think, mum?

Ready Made AdSense Websites Anybody?

Can I interest anyone in some ready made adsense websites?

I am in the process of creating a tonne of brand new ready made adsense websites that will completely blow the competition out of the water – You simply won’t need to look else where for your instant adsense templates.

First off, each site is highly optimized for the niche market. Most of these adsense site creators don’t have a clue about SEO, so you will often find titles, H1, H2, alt tags missing from their websites.

Not so with the websites that I am creating. Each of them are so well optimized, they’ll get top 100 ranking in Google/MSN/Yahoo without any backlinks.

Here is a screen shot of the front page:

ready made adsense site
(click the image to see the bigger picture)

Hopefully you can see how the design and build quality far exceeds that of the competition.

Keep checking back for more updates and find out how you can get your hands on these incredible ready made adsense sites!

My Biggest Secret

This is one of my biggest secrets. The secret of where I get all my great content from…

Would you like me to reveal it to you? Sure, you probably would 🙂

See, I’m a member of this site that provides me with 1000 new PLR articles each month on a variety of niche subjects.

Then, with these articles I also get PLR reports, email courses and even entire ebooks. All built around a tiny niche suject.

What does all this material mean?

That you can dominate that niche of course!

You create a website using the articles, you submit 5-10 of the articles to article directory sites, you set up an autoresponder (I use, simply insert the email courses, set up another one for the report, create a new site for the selling the ebook…

And before you know it, you’ve owned that niche.

You might sound surprised, but the above paragraph is what I do about 25 times a month, every time this secret site brings out their new PLR material.

See, all these sites, they are just earning residual money, they’re fully automatic, no updates, no support or contact. Just setting and forgetting.

Would you like to know the name of this incredible site that gives me all this info?

I thought you might 🙂

Private Label Monthly

Keeping a Promise – SEO Secrets

Ah, I remember a while ago that I made a promise. A promise to show you how I got to the top of the search engines.

The first thing that I did was to optimize my home page with my main keywords: HYIP Scripts

So what does optimizing the homepage include?

Well, you have to get your hands a little bit dirty and start playing with the HTML code.

First off, the TITLE TAG which is very very important. Too many people do not enter a title for their page name. Just do a quick search on Google to find that there are over 116 million web pages out there with no title.

Choosing your title is very important too. The more words you use, the less effective your title becomes. Therefore it is imperative that you do not use unnecessary words like “and” or “Welcome To My Site” (using “Welcome To…” is such a waste, do you really think someone is going to search for “Welcome To…”).

It is becoming common practice amongst SEO geeks to use the pipe symbol “|” to seperate keywords in the title – you don’t even need to mention your website name! Use your three main keywords in the title, seperated by the “|” symbol.

You can add your meta description and meta keyword tags in the HTML header part, but the major search engines largely ignore these as they have been abused in the past.

The next step is to use the <h1> header tag. This tag tells the spider what the website is about and is the 2nd most important tag in the HTML (the title is first).

By default the <h1> tag makes the text really big and can distort or ruin the appearance of your website. It is always good practice to use CSS to help you control the look of your <h1> tag.

As an example of how CSS can be used to change the <h1> tag, have a look at my HYIP Monitor site. The text at the very top which says HYIP Investments | HYIP Forum | HYIP Rating is a <h1> tag but using CSS to control the look of the text.

If you view the source code for this site, you will see:

<h1 class="sitename">HYIP Investments | HYIP Forum | HYIP Rating</h1>

The CSS code simply tells the browser how to format the <h1> text.

The third most important thing to consider when optimizing your website is the navigation/menu system.

This is an area all too many people don’t do correctly because they don’t understand how spiders and search engines work.

For a start, where ever possible, use text for the links rather than images. This is because you can use keywords in your anchor text which actually helps your search engine ranking, because each link to a page counts as a “vote” which in turn increases your pagerank. If you had a big enough website (10,000 pages) and no inbound links other than on your own site, it’s very possible to have a PR of 5 or maybe even 6 (as long as all those pages are indexed).

Instead of using the word “home” as the anchor text in the link, consider using your main keyword. This all counts towards your SEO and backlinks. The same method applies for all your other links. Where ever possible, use your keywords for the anchor text.

Another important factor to consider is to use the rel=”nofollow” attribute in your links on non-essential pages such as the disclaimer, privacy policy, TOS etc. This stops you from passing on page rank to non-essential pages and increases the page rank you pass on to the important pages.

My final top tip for optimizing your website is don’t put your copyright information as the very last think on your page. Many search engines (especially MSN and sometimes Yahoo) tend to use a combination of your title and the text at the bottom of the page for the site description in your search results.

Although you should include a copyright notice, make sure the last block of text at the end of your page contains one or two sentences with your main keywords in it.

Of course, there are lots of other website optimization methods, such as naming your images with keywords, using the title and alt attributes, considering your keyword density etc. But these are all secondary to what I’ve discussed above.

I’ll give some more SEO tips later on this week.

Using the Instant Adsense Templates

I’ve just been out and bought 20 new domain names for use with the Instant Adsense Templates that I bought yesterday. At $2.75 a go for a .net from, you really can’t go too far wrong in my opinion!

Usually I like to use .com’s, but as these cost $6.99 each, it would cost me nearly $770 for the 110 domains that I would need instead of the $302 for the .net’s.

I thought the categories and articles had an air of familiararity (yet again, Google teaches me how to spell), and I read today that Joel Comm has simply used the PLR templates that are provided by – a little cheeky in my opinion, and bloody annoying as this was going to be my idea!

As I mentioned yesterday, the template designs are actually really not all that bad – much better than I was expecting. As an example of the quality, check out this instant adsense template website that I threw up today: Commercial Real Estate.

Not bad, huh?

I’m not entirely convinced about how much the images next to the adsense conflict with Google’s adsense terms, but Joel Comm says that apparently they are ok and do not conflict. This is what he has to say:

NOTE: At the time of this publication, Google terms of service do not prohibit the use of pictures next to AdSense blocks. However, it is known that Google has asked some publishers to put a border around the ad block to distinguish it from the pictures (even though it is not in the TOS).

Therefore, you may wish to choose a border color that does not match your background. For example, if your background is white you could choose a light gray (color #E0E0E0) border. Again this is just a suggestion, and you can experiment as you wish. Just be sure to comply with Google’s TOS at all times.

All I have to do now is work out how I want to promote all these sites (yeah, all 110 of them!). I thought I’d start off by adding them to my new free link directory and to a special blog that pings dozens of spiders each time I make a post.

I also want to add a few bits and pieces to these sites, like Amazon feeds, ebay feeds, clickbank products and some other contextual advertising that highlights keywords in your text.

Instant Adsense Templates

I’ve just bought the latest mega adsense package from Joel Comm called I bought it for $197 and there was a nice little upsell for more of the same for $97.

I tried and willed myself not to be sucked into the upsell, but I found it too good a opportunity to pass up – you literally double the amount of content you are getting for half the price.

I did decline on the CD’s that I was offered though – $27 per CD is a little excessive I thought when you can simply download the same material and burn it to CD yourself.

All in all there are 55 ready made sites (all with PLR articles). The sites all have pretty good templates (which is quite a surprise) and quite a bit of content in each. There’s 20 xsite pro templates (also converted to normal HTML for those of you without xsitepro), 15 wordpress templates (seriously nothing to write home about, 8 blogger templates (ditto for the wordpress) and 2 phpBB (online forum software) themes which again are not making me do cartwheels of joy.

The upsell contains the same, but a few less wordpress templates. So in all there are 110 pretty decent websites which are just waiting to be uploaded and promoted. Ah…I think the webmaster will have found himself a new job tomorrow!

I bought the package for $197 with a $97 upsell. But the package has gone up to $297 now, so I guess the upsell is now $197. I know it sucks when you find out that the new product you bought at the store yesterday is now on sale for 1/2 price today, and this is kinda what is happening now. You know you could have got the package for 1/2 the price.

RegisterFly are having another special offer on where you can buy .info’s for $0.60 and .net’s for just $2.75, so I guess tomorrow will be spent finding 110 new domain names. Wish me luck!

My Absence

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again….

Yes, enough of wartime classics. My absence from this site was longer than I had expected and much longer than is reasonable 🙁

Basically, what happened was after posting that information about SEO, I received a phonecall from a mate who was desperate for some help with his business: giant inflatables.

He was due to go up to Edinuburgh, Scotland the next day to do a corporate event for Standard Life, an investment bank that is de-mutualising and being listed on the stock exchange.

SIDENOTE: Being a Standard Life account holder and knowing the dismal performances from them recently in terms of interest, I’m amazed that they’ll ever find any more investors willing to put money into a financial institution that could be financially outwitted by my own dear grandmother. But that’s another story…

So, a corporate gig. The assignment? Blow up 5000 little balloons with helium and release them from the top of Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh was beautiful, I didn’t get much sleep and the weather was fantastic yada yada yada…

When I got back to my parents house, it turns out it was my fathers birthday (who knew? I obviously need this), so I had to stay up there another day (4 days without internet access…smokers will empathize with me here) for the fun and festivities that only family group events can bring. ie. it was dull, boring and everyone wished that they were somewhere else.

So the following day I was due to go back down to London. But, alas, my matey phones me up again because he needs a hand with another job: an inflatable bungee run in an outdoor mall. How could I say no?

We’ll now fast-forward 2 more days (during which time I also became an impromptu assistant DJ at a wedding disco), and still no internet access. Does anyone else feel my pain here? These guys might

When I finally got back to London, there was so much to sort out; my business partner hadn’t even bothered to answer any support tickets on (yeah, nice one mate!) and my webmaster had done so much while I was away that I had to catch up on (damn, he’s a trooper!)

I meant to post on the blog, but before I knew it, it would be midnight. Not to mention that the world cup was (now that England are out of the world cup, it ceases to exist as far as I am concerned!) on.

Blah-de-blah-de-dar, so this brings us up to today. Yeah, I know I skipped forward a couple of weeks. But think of it as a TV series (hell, if Bart Simpson can be aged 10 for the last 16 years, I can skip weeks without mentioning them….).

OK, so I know that I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. Starting with the promise on my last post to explain how I got to number 1 (ish) spots on all the search engines.

Welcome back :~)