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I want to talk a little bit about This comes from the same guys that bought us SEO Elite

Link Metro is one of the higher class of link exchange sites. You get a whole lot of crap link exchange websites out there which are over-run with casino, pharmacy, gambling and porn sites. The quality of these links are pretty poor to say the least – not to mention Google and other search engines may penalize you for associating your website with these types of sites.

Top Tip: Unless your site is related to gambling, casino, pharmacy or porn, don’t link to these types of websites and don’t let them link to you! has a large directory of websites, and if you have a good look through, you’ll see that most of them are real business sites rather than cookie cutter made for adsense style sites (not that there is anything wrong with adsense style sites, but here is not the place to promote them).

This is good news for several reasons, firstly, a business site will be regularly attended by the owner and link exchange requests should be accepted or declined pretty quickly.

Secondly, it means the quality of backlink will be higher, and you may even get a significant passing of page rank (never a bad thing). has two levels of membership, free and monthly subscription. First let’s look at the freebie option.

If you are on a budget, then the freebie option is still a very good deal – however there is a lot more work required in setting up link exchanges. As a free member, your link exchange process will go like this:

1. You search for websites you wish to exchange links with on the directory

2. You add their link to your links page on your website using your favourite HTML editor (mine is FrontPage – yeah, I know), you should use the link name and description that they provide you with

3. You click the link next to the site you want to exchange links with in the directory and tell them that they have a new link exchange request

4. Hopefully after a couple of days, the webmaster of the site will respond and say yes, I’ve added your link, or no, I have not added your link. 90% of people will say yes

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each site you want to exchange links with

If you keep this up every single day and add 5-10 new links a day, then within a few months you should have several hundred back links to your site.

Your link exchange requests will be more successful if your site is well designed, has unique content and isn’t blatantly fishing for adsense clicks.

Occasionally, a few times a week, you will get incoming link exchange requests. In this case you must check the persons site (just to make sure it’s of a high enough standard to link to and that they are actually linking back to you) and then you should add their site to your link directory if you accept the exchange.

Your second option is to go for the paid monthly subscription which costs $19.95 per month. I don’t think that they make it entirely clear that this fee is per website. So if you have more than one website that you wish to promote, you have to pay for a second subscription.

The difference between the free membership and the paid membership is everything is automated.

You get given a small PHP script which you simply upload to your server and follow the installation instructions (which are very easy to follow). This script creates a link directory on your site where you can add and manage categories, sub categories and links.

The real beauty of this script though is it is tied to your account. So now the link exchange process becomes:

1. Search through the directory on to find suitable link exchange partners

2. Click a link to add the website to your link directory. The script takes care of everything and automatically adds the link and emails the website you want to exchange with informing them that they have a link exchange request

3. If they accept, then they add your link to their site. If they decline, you can click a button and remove their site from your directory.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for every exchange

The selling point of the paid subscription is that you don’t have to edit your website for each link, you don’t have to manually monitor who’s linking back to you and you can submit dozens of link exchange requests everyday in less than 30 minutes.

So the big question is obviously, does this actually work and is it worth me upgrading to a paid membership.

Well I was interested in finding out myself, so I upgraded my account to premium membership. You can see my link just here (should be the second one down).

According to the sales pitch on and the testimonials, I should be expecting a deluge of exchange requests. Some testimonials talk of 30-50 new exchanges per week. Now if you look at my site, there have only been 11 successful exchanges in a week of being listed, and 40 pending exchanges (ie I’m waiting for the owner to add me to their site).

That’s not quite the response I had hoped for, and was alluded to in the sales pitch. Sure, you can potentially exchange links with over 21,000 sites, but you’re probably looking at less than 10% of them being successful – based on my experiences so far.

Of course, there could be many factors affecting this success rate. The category and theme of will play a major part as some webmasters only want to exchange links with theme related sites. A lot of webmasters are prejudiced against low Pagerank sites too.

I found that my best responses were from premium members, because there is obviously a lot less work involved for them.

Over the course of the month I will continue doing link exchanges (or at least requesting them), and after a month we can evaluate the cost each successful exchange came to, and whether it is worth continuing.

You can find out more about Link Metro by clicking here.

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