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I finally got SEO Blog Builder to work late last night and I just checked up on the progress on the test blog and everything seems to be going according to plan.

So far it has posted random news feeds based on the keywords I supplied it. The news feeds sometimes don’t make an awful lot of sense, but most are readable and give good snippets of news for anyone looking.

You do have to provide your own feeds though, so you need to search on the internet for RSS feeds. I use Yahoo and BBC for my news feeds, but I will experiment with others.

You also have the opportunity to scrape…err, I mean post search engine results a la Traffic Equalizer.

Finally you can upload any articles you have (for all those with private label articles sitting on your computer) and post them at random intervals.

There’s more settings and twiddly knobs (ok, so they’re virtual twiddly knobs) than you can shake a stick at, but the manual is pretty detailed and top notch for a marketing product. In the end though I had to print out the manual (all 67 pages of it) and had to study it offline to fanthom out the script.

As I said though, I finally go the script working and it’s made seven posts to the blog. My next task is to set up hundreds of these buggers!

I will keep you updated on the earning success that this product has made me, as that’s the biggest thing everyone is concerned with right now!

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