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Hello Google

This is just a post to say hello Google (and since I’m feeling in a good mood today, MSN and Yahoo).

Here’s some spider food for you to gobble up, run along and eat everything you can and index me asap!

Dating Site Directory

For all you humans out there reading this…this is a private party for spiders only!

The Launch Day

Today I launched abcHYIP over on the HYIP Scripts website. It’s a bit of a quiet launch because I don’t have any templates for the buyers yet 😡 My programmers keep promising templates, but none have turned up so far. They absolutely 100% assure me that they are going to be ready by Monday.

So to sweeten the deal, I’ve reduced the price down from $197 to $147 🙂 That’s to make up for the inconvenience of not having a good selection of templates to choose from. I fully expect that I will be selling 50 or more scripts per month.

I have also launched the new PTR Script script site called abcPTR. I will be blogging the progress of this script over the next several months while it is being developed.

I can’t wait to get the PTR script out – even more so than the abcHYIP script! I will be using all the profits from abcHYIP to fund the PTR script.

Today is a sad day :-(

Today is a sad day. It’s the first day of the rest of my life without a big beer belly.

You see, years of self abuse down at the pub (pints, for those of you wondering otherwise) has taken it’s toll, and no longer can I sit idly by as my waist line continues to expand to accomodate, for the want of a better word, my pure liquid grain storage system (beer belly for any techies out there).

No longer, at the grand old age of 23, can I blame the hamster cheeks and love handles on youthful puppy fat.

Yes my friends (and you too, mother), it is time to take action. Let it be said that on this day, 12th May 2006, I, Peter Claridge set forth on a journey of great peril (and, for some reason, a gold ring), accompanied by fellowship of dwarfs, wizards and the true heir to the thrown of Gond….

…oh, wait, wrong journey. That happens next week, my mistake.

So yes, I’ve joined the local gym and swimming centre for a mere (imagine!) £45 a month for unlimited gyming and swimming. Great deeds are often done in the darkest hour, and a dark day it is when I can no longer get into 32″ (or was it 34″?) jeans!

A plan has been laid, action will be taken. Youthful exuberance (thank you google for teaching me how to spell) will return and marathons I will run.

Hmm, well. We’ll see.

(OOOooo, link at all the pretty weight loss ads Google has decided to give >>>)

Excellent SEO Resource

This following resource is fantastic for anyone who wants to promote their website and build up hundreds of free one way links (which are very important for SE rankings).

The website is Vile Silencer

This site provides a massive directory of over 300 search engine friendly link directories. A search engine friendly link directory is something that links directly to your website, it doesn’t use a redirect to count the hits out.

They also provide you with a downloadable XLS excel spreadsheet file that has all the directories categorised by the letters of the alphabet, and by niche market. They even go and give you the Page Rank of the directory.

The best way to use this information is to download the XLS file and each week submit your site(s) to all the directories under a single letter of the alphabet. So the first week you would submit to all ‘A’ directories, the following week to all ‘B’ directories etc.

It takes about 1/2 hour to submit your site to all the directories under each letter.

You should also go one step further and use your main keyword (the keyword you want to optimize for) in your title. Each week, vary the keywords and description that you give (but obviously make sure they are related to your target market!).

If you keep this up each week, then within 20 weeks you’ll have over 300 one way links to your site and you’ll easily have a Page Rank of 3 or 4.

This is just one method you should be using to promote your website and become number one in the organic search results.

I might tell you about another method some other time, so check back often :~)

Here’s the link to the site again:

The website is Vile Silencer

Sibling Rivalry Determines Child’s Success?

This is a bit of an oddball post as it doesn’t tie in with everything else that I write – but I’ve been told I should start commenting on interesting/offtopic news stories more…so here goes.

I’ve just read an article on MSN (click here for the article) that says the pecking order in which you were born has a strong link with how successful you will become and your type of personality.

It claims that first born children are more ambitious, agressive and successful (they want to rule the world), middle children are better at communicating and building bridges to other camps, but don’t always have the drive for success, and the last born child associates with the underdogs and will rebel a lot more as they strive for attention (they want to change the world).

click here for the article

Now taking this theory, and applying it to my own family, I’m the eldest of three siblings. I run (or at least walk) a successful online business and have great ambitions to be successful in this world.

My brother, the middle one of the three, he’s currently at University studying to become an architect. While growing up, he was always the quiet one who was pushed aside as I strove to be the center of attention.

Now my little sister is the black sheep of the family. Where my brother and I grew up, sailed through our teens, excelled at academic studies and popped out the other end relatively unscathed, my sister has quit school (because she hates teachers), goes out drinking, and generally has caused my parents more aggro than my brother and I put together! She’s a very arty, rebellious and independant young lady.

So it seems to me, that the article has got the pecking order just right, and me and my siblings fit into the pigeon holes they have created for us perfectly 🙂

If you have read the article, and can identify with it, or think it’s utter rubbish, I’d love to hear your comments (that means you too, mother!)

HYIP Junction

Pretty soon, the biggest event to hit the HYIP arena (and given the collosal demise of some of the biggest HYIP’s in history, that’s bloody big statement for me to make) is about to happen.

For the past three months, half a dozen programmers have been working day and night on a project known as HYIP Junction…and today I got to see the culmination of all their work.

You see, HYIP Junction is not going to become YAHRS (Yet Another HYIP Rating Site), HYIP Junction is going to be THE HYIP rating site for every HYIP investor in the industry. I know it sounds like a pie in the sky statement, but this going to be massive.

For a start, it’s going to allow all HYIP investors to do something that no other HYIP rating site or forum lets their members do: have a share of the profits. If HYIP101 has shown me anything, it’s that people can make a great income within the HYIP arena without actually investing, but just earning referral commission from HYIP101.

HYIP Junction is going to be taking that to the next level. There is going to be such an incentive for every member, every HYIP investor to promote HYIP Junction over any other HYIP forum or rating site, that there might as well no longer be a TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup or HYIP Discussion or GoldPoll. Infact, we’ll probably find these sites promoting HYIP Junction because it will make great financial sense for them to do so.

But of course, HYIP Junction is not just going to be about empowering the members, and giving them a real earning potential. It’s going to be the focal point, the hub of everything HYIP. Any news, any program, any update will be routed through HYIP Junction.

Quite soon I will be calling on a team of beta testers to come over and put the site through it’s paces before it launches. I’m also tidying up a lot of cosmetics to make the script look beautiful and putting in a few last minute changes that were overlooked when we laid down the specifications.

HYIPJunction will be ready by the end of May or the first week of June. Be amazed :~D

My Best Month Ever

I have just successfully completed my best ever month in terms of online earnings. This is in no small way thanks to the efforts of my business partner who has selflessly been surfing half a dozen autosurf accounts for the past couple of months. Sure, he might be slack when it comes to trivial things such as running the business, getting back to his business partner (me) on various issues, answering emails, doing his share of the work etc – but when it comes to autosurfs, no other man is more dedicated than he 🙂

Another reason why I’ve just had my best month ever is because I’ve sold resell rights to my brand new HYIP script that isn’t even launched yet. They have bought full source code access which they can modify or manipulate any way that they wish. The five figure fee I charged them recovers a lot of my outlay for the script.

Some people that know about the deal have asked if I was crazy because I was selling source code to a script that I hadn’t even sold to a customer yet. My take on the situation is that if I can recover a very high percentage of my costs in one single hit then I would prefer to do that over dealing with the 100 odd customers it would take to do otherwise. I also have the advantage of having a brand name ( is quite well known), the chance of having Brian from TalkGold on board as a super affiliate (free advertising), dozens of new features that I can now afford, slicker customer service, and over 4 years knowledge of the HYIP arena.

Yes, it definitely made sense to sell source code and resell rights to the script. The people that make the real money online are those that can think up unique products, have the necessary capital to develop the product and then sell it. If you are trying to succeed selling other people’s products, you won’t make as much money than if you sold your own products.

I am actually going to be using some of the capital to put towards a new PTR (paid to read) script. The reasons for making this decision are pretty simple. The PTR arena is much bigger than the HYIP arena and there are more PTR sites than HYIP sites. PTR doesn’t have the same level of cut-throat scammers that HYIP has (though it does have it’s fair share). The current script market leader has sold over 5000 copies of the script in the last 5 years (5000 x $97 = $$$) and there are currently over 1600 active websites using the script. That’s one hell of a market. I’m also in a great position because the script of the market leader is clunky, very user-unfriendly and extremely labour intensive. I have designed my script to be as automated as possible – infact if it wasn’t for support, the script could run itself.

I’ve also just opened a new forex trading account, but more news on that another time 🙂