New Yahoo Home Page

Have you had a chance to check out the brand new Yahoo homepage preview yet? If not, then it is located at you will need internet explorer 6 or firefox 1.5 to view it.

This new homepage makes use of one of the latest web trends: AJAX.

If you check out the content box on the right of the preview page, where it says mail, messegner, weather etc, if you hover your mouse over any of the options, the box dynamically changes shape and new content appears. This is fantastic use of AJAX to make a dynamic, user orientated web page.

Personally, I absolutely love the new yahoo homepage, I think they’ve done a really good job on combining aesthetics and usability with the latest web technology.

AJAX is something I want to get more involved with and use it more on my sites as it does have an element of ‘coolness’ (read: geeky), but only when it’s used right.

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