HYIP Junction

Pretty soon, the biggest event to hit the HYIP arena (and given the collosal demise of some of the biggest HYIP’s in history, that’s bloody big statement for me to make) is about to happen.

For the past three months, half a dozen programmers have been working day and night on a project known as HYIP Junction…and today I got to see the culmination of all their work.

You see, HYIP Junction is not going to become YAHRS (Yet Another HYIP Rating Site), HYIP Junction is going to be THE HYIP rating site for every HYIP investor in the industry. I know it sounds like a pie in the sky statement, but this going to be massive.

For a start, it’s going to allow all HYIP investors to do something that no other HYIP rating site or forum lets their members do: have a share of the profits. If HYIP101 has shown me anything, it’s that people can make a great income within the HYIP arena without actually investing, but just earning referral commission from HYIP101.

HYIP Junction is going to be taking that to the next level. There is going to be such an incentive for every member, every HYIP investor to promote HYIP Junction over any other HYIP forum or rating site, that there might as well no longer be a TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup or HYIP Discussion or GoldPoll. Infact, we’ll probably find these sites promoting HYIP Junction because it will make great financial sense for them to do so.

But of course, HYIP Junction is not just going to be about empowering the members, and giving them a real earning potential. It’s going to be the focal point, the hub of everything HYIP. Any news, any program, any update will be routed through HYIP Junction.

Quite soon I will be calling on a team of beta testers to come over and put the site through it’s paces before it launches. I’m also tidying up a lot of cosmetics to make the script look beautiful and putting in a few last minute changes that were overlooked when we laid down the specifications.

HYIPJunction will be ready by the end of May or the first week of June. Be amazed :~D

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