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This following resource is fantastic for anyone who wants to promote their website and build up hundreds of free one way links (which are very important for SE rankings).

The website is Vile Silencer

This site provides a massive directory of over 300 search engine friendly link directories. A search engine friendly link directory is something that links directly to your website, it doesn’t use a redirect to count the hits out.

They also provide you with a downloadable XLS excel spreadsheet file that has all the directories categorised by the letters of the alphabet, and by niche market. They even go and give you the Page Rank of the directory.

The best way to use this information is to download the XLS file and each week submit your site(s) to all the directories under a single letter of the alphabet. So the first week you would submit to all ‘A’ directories, the following week to all ‘B’ directories etc.

It takes about 1/2 hour to submit your site to all the directories under each letter.

You should also go one step further and use your main keyword (the keyword you want to optimize for) in your title. Each week, vary the keywords and description that you give (but obviously make sure they are related to your target market!).

If you keep this up each week, then within 20 weeks you’ll have over 300 one way links to your site and you’ll easily have a Page Rank of 3 or 4.

This is just one method you should be using to promote your website and become number one in the organic search results.

I might tell you about another method some other time, so check back often :~)

Here’s the link to the site again:

The website is Vile Silencer

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