Cheaper and Cheaper Domains

I have always used to register my domains. At $8.88 for a .com/.net/.org you couldn’t really go wrong, and with free whois privacy protection, it was all good.

However, for me it was a little inconvenient, because each time I had to transfer e-gold to PayPal and that took several days.

There are some e-Gold registrars out there that offer e-gold registration, but they are not 100% reliable and they are usually a bit more expensive as they are targeted towards HYIP admins who want anonymous registrtation.

But now, I’ve just come across a site called RegisterFly that lets you register and manage your domains, and you can buy your domains with e-Gold and get free privacy protection.

The cost of the domains is slightly more expensive at $9.99 each, so that is a downside.

But for the next couple of days, RegisterFly are having a big domain sale so that you can get domains a whole lot cheaper.

If you need to register a domain with e-gold, go to RegisterFly now and sign up for an account and use the following domain coupon codes:

1. Get .COM’s for just $6.99: COUPON: COMSPECIAL

2. Get .NET’s for just $2.99! WOW!: COUPON: NETSPECIAL

3. Get .INFO’s for just $1.69! Sheesh!: COUPON: INFOSPECIAL

So when you are at the checkout, at the bottom of the page there is a option to enter your coupon code, so if you are buying some .INFO domains, just enter INFOSPECIAL in the box and click update.

If you need to buy any domains, or regularly buy domains, then RegisterFly you best option by far.

Here’s an idea, why not register your own name as a domain name? Just like I’ve done with

Please note that these coupons are only valid for a very limited time, and may not work by the end of the week. If you are reading this any later than the 18th May, give me a shout and I will let you know if there are any new coupons available.

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