Back Agony

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating the blog in a couple of days, but I’ve really put my back out.

It happened on Friday at the gym, I was just finishing off on the treadmill when suddenly a shooting pain went down my lower back. Like a Jimmy, I had to hit the emergency stop button because every step I took was pure agony.

Somehow I managed to crawl home take a few paracetamol and lie on my back.

It’s now Sunday and it’s still really painful, even tilting my head forward sends shooting pains down my back.

What is really unusual is walking is really hard too, every step twinges the back. I hope this clears up soon because I wasn’t expecting back problems at the age of 23!

This is a shame about my back because I was working on a report on how to promote your website. I had ten ways you can promote your website for maximum exposure. I want to release it as a freebie ebook pretty soon.

Some of the thinks it covers include:

1. PPC
2. Organic SEO
3. Article Marketing
4. Link Exchanges
5. Directory Submission

and more 🙂

Hope this back problem clears up soon though…I’m beginning to run out of paracetamol!

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