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Lots of work has been done

Ah, welcome back to my blog. Did you miss me? It’s been over a month and a half since my last entry…so what’s been going on since then? Surely I should be the rich businessman I deserve to be by now, since Mega Toolkit should have been launched and a 100% success.

Hmm…theory is a great thing. However, reality is totally different (and much more accurate).

Mega Toolkit hasn’t been launched due to several reasons…

Firstly, Paul and I jetted off to America on the 27th April for a couple of weeks. Mega Toolkit was due to be launched while we was out there for the convention. Unfortunately the hotel we were staying at did not have an internet connection and the proclaimed business center consisted of two clapped out Dells (and in a hotel of some 500 guests, guess how often those computers were free?).

So instead of being a preperation week in Florida, it turned into a proper vacation and we went about doing all the things tourists do in Florida.

SIDEBAR: Incidently, we are thinking of writing an ebook guide called how to do the theme parks in four hours as this was the average amount of time we did each theme park in 🙂

We also had the chance to meet a top marketer while down in Florida called Gary Ambrose (notice he doesn’t update his blog either!). We told Gary our concept for Mega Toolkit and Monthly Toolkit and he just looked at Paul and said, “Dude, what are you doing? Launch Monthly Toolkit first, then Mega Toolkit.”

It was like an epiphany for Paul (I liken it to the scene in Toy Story when all those little green aliens look up to Buzz and in one voice go “oooooooo”).

So now…we are doing Monthly Toolkit first. This is fine and great (from my project managers point of view), but the Mega Toolkit site was 100% finished and ready to go….Monthly Toolkit was still a shell of a website with no products. Aragh!

So the vacation in Florida finished and we caught the plane up to Atlanta for the convention.

SIDEBAR: Travellers top tip; never ever stay in a Hilton Hotel. They are expensive beyond belief and you can get the same standards by staying at a Holiday Inn, Days Inn or Embassy Suites! Hilton is just daylight robbery.

When we got to the Hilton, we were expecting free wi-fi access (at $220 a night there are somethings that you expect!), since all the cheap motel/hotels had it as standard. Imagine the horror when we found out it was going to be $10 per 24 hours per laptop! So if Paul and I had ordered it for the duration of our stay, we’d have paid $80 for access to the internet.

Now at this point, Paul decided that he was going to become extremely ill. If anyone knows Paul, they know that he has the immune system of a new born baby and will catch any virus that is passing by. So unlucky for him, he was unable to attend the Seminar (and boy, you don’t want to know how much those tickets cost).

The Seminar was absolutely fantastic for me. It didn’t talk 100% about marketing online, but also essential things such as how to run your business, what you should be outsourcing, prioritizing your tasks, delegating tasks etc. And for someone with no office experience or proper business experience (I went from Uni to being self employed, my only ‘real’ jobs have been in retail), the information was invaluable.

Of course, there was some of the rah rah motivational speakers that made you get up and declare your goals and ambitions to complete strangers and make you do declarations with your hand on your hearts…but I largely ignored all that – us Brits have a stiff upper lip to maintain don’tcherknow.

The main point of Paul going to the Seminar was to network and JV (gaw, Joint Ventures for those of you that don’t know), but since the business had a man down, the role was passed over to me…lol and I loved it! Getting to speak to people that actually have a clue what you are talking about and understand exactly what you business is about is a very liberating experience and you end up chatting for hours. I found you could go up to any person in the seminar (yay, even the hot chicks!) and introduce yourself and always have something to talk about.

Umm, so if you are in any form of online business at all, or thinking about it, I highly recommend the Seminar.

So…Paul now wishes he’d never sent me to the Seminar because I came back with all these ideas and suggestions and things we should be implementing and doing now now now!

I was so hyped up about what I’d learnt from Big Seminar that in the first week I’d got back (we got back on the 8th April)…

– I switched all support over to the help desk on (and now support requests are virtually zero)

– I had written a full 7 email autoresponder series for all new HYIP101 members,

– I had completely revised the HYIP101 ebook with dozens of new articles,

– I had added the newsletter registration form in the members area for people to sign up to,

– I had created articles for people to promote their HYIP101 links,

– I created a ‘preview’ HYIP101 ebook that members could brand with their affiliate links and give away,

– I created a splash page for HYIPAdvertiser (this will rock once it takes off),

– I created a basic salesletter for Monthly Toolkit,

– I compiled the HYIP101 affiliate payouts list and HYIP101 competition winners for Paul to payout

– I created a full to do list of things for Paul to do so that I could move forward.

So all that was done in the first week we got back – if anyone here is reading this from HYIP101 (and you’ve managed to get down to this part without falling asleep – do you have nothing better to do with your life?!) and wondering why you haven’t seen all these changes yet…Hmm, let’s just say it’s someones job to check and ‘approve’ everything first before sending it live 🙂

Now, since my wonderful business partner didn’t get back to me (he was still ill and moved back in with his ex-gf while his house was being redecorated), I had plenty of time to sort out my own personal business.

This mainly consisted of bug testing the latest version of abcHYIP (which still isn’t out, aragh!) and getting the changes done. I’ve had a small nightmare with it recently because I can’t find a host that will support the script :-/ which isn’t helpful. I’m also relying on to provide the templates for the script, which haven’t materialized yet. All these little things keep pushing the launch dates back and back. It was supposed to be ready on Monday – but you know how it is.

Keeping on the HYIP theme, I’ve also decided that it’s time to get, my HYIP Rating site re-launched. Basically I will be listing some of the best programs (IMO) that launch each day (and in the HYIP arena, that’s pretty tough!). I won’t be monitoring them myself, but placing monitoring buttons from other hyip montiors on the site so people can see if it’s paying or not. Mostly I just want it to rank well in the search engines and have people clicking on the google ads. Selfish, I know.

I’m going to be creating a vast network of niche sites based on blogs with a girl from Houston. We will be using automation software to submit PLR articles to the blogs on a set frequency. The regularly updated content along with my SEO skills should ensure that the blogs can get to #1 spots pretty easily. The articles are coming from my new membership with this site, but it is now closed to new members. We intend to use the traffic to sell products and build an email list.

The next thing I am working on is a PTR script, or Paid To Read (email) that will automate a lot of features and make it very simple for the admin to control their advertisers, members and affiliate payouts. More information on this at a later date.

And finally, I’ve entered into an agreement with my programming company to work 50/50 on a new project called that will be a Web 2.0 (I hate that phrase!) software that allows people to sell their digital goods in one online digital market place. The concept is a little bit like Amazon, but all the products (ebooks, audio, software, games, templates, graphics, web scripts) will come from users who can create a merchant account and upload their product(s) to the appropriate categories. There are some similar digital download stores on the internet, but none that take the concept to a community/user to user level – which if you didn’t know, is where the internet is heading.

Umm, wow, you managed to read all the way down to here?! You must have a boring job, or really love reading about me and my business.

I hope it kept you entertained enough 🙂