Where Do I Stand?

Adsense is killing me! From 80 cents a click in November down to 20 cents a click in February! Are they trying to ruin me?! Advertisers! Buck up your ideas and start paying more for a click…you know it makes (ad)sense!

I now have 6 websites designed around promoting my adsense and generating revenue. My aim, for those that are not aware is to generate $100 a day from adsense alone. Back in November that would have required 125 clicks a day and around 10k impressions. Now it requires at least 25,000 quality impressions. jeez, I’m doing just 10% of that.

So what’s the answer? I’ve got my eye on a piece of software that’s highly recommended by marketers called XSitePro but at $197 I can’t justify the cost just yet. This is because I’ve got to spend $99 on a piece of affiliate software for abcHYIP.com and another $90 on upgrading the encryption software that I use.

XSitePro allows the businessman who’s short on time to create an entire website almost instantly, taking care of all the navigation, SEO, content and other stuff that normally takes a few hours to complete.

Talking of abcHYIP, I’ve just redeveloped the website and added a new customer ordering and licensing system. Hopefully I should be ready to start selling by the end of the week…hopefully. I could really use the money right now…

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