Like a Steam Train

Things are moving along nicely now, like a steam train that’s built up enough boiler pressure to start turning the wheels, once it’s started, there’s no stopping!

Last week I spent the week down in Brighton with Paul (to give him a bloody good kick up the arse, the lazy git). During last week Paul sent an email to Ewan Chia (Ewan Chia) with whom he had a good friendship with a few years ago. Where Paul went off and found the holy grail of making money (HYIPs), Ewan went on to become one of the most successful marketers online.

So, what does this have to do with us? What with the development of, we need some big names on board to help us promote our product, and they don’t come much bigger than Ewan Chia! This also creates a snowball effect because as Paul approaches other marketers, the fact that he can say that he has got Ewan on board would carry an awful lot of weight. Naturally, if Euen is promoting it, then everyone else will want to promote it too. This is very good for me because it means more money ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, we launched HYIPJunction to our HYIP101 members and we managed to raise $50,000 capital that is going towards the development and marketing of the site. HYIPJunction is like nothing ever seen before in the HYIP arena, it literally blows everything out of the water, every HYIP investor will *need* to have an account with us. At a conservative guesstimate, we predict that the site will be earning $20,000 or more a month within 6-12 months of launching from the advertising revenue. That’s a nice little income ๐Ÿ™‚

This week we should be receiving the membership script from (incredible marketing package) which can apparently do just about anything. I will be spending my time installing the script and converting the current MTK design into this new membership script. I also plan to use this script to create a brand new members site where for a monthly subscription fee you get access to 250 private lable articles and 2 brand new private label ebooks. Articles and private label ebooks are big business right now and anyone who knows anything about internet marketing should know that this is an amazing offer.

There are many more things that are being done in the background too. The redesign and relaunch of and the new look newsletter called ‘Freshly Squeezed’, a new support site for all our products (no more customer support emails, yay!) and a new articles site.

Lots and lots to do, only 24 hours a day to do them in!

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