How Was Your Day?

These four words irritate the hell out of me whenever someone asks me about how my working day has been.

You see, working at home is totally different to having your usual 9-5 job. For one thing it can be a lot more stressful because if you don’t put the work in, you don’t get the money! Also, there are no fixed hours of work, so when people are knocking off at 5 o clock in the evening, there’s a good chance that I’m still working. So coming in to my office and asking ‘how my day was’ is a surefire way to get a short and curt answer. If you did ask how the day was, you probably wouldn’t understand the answer anyway!

The other thing you’ll find is that people are obssessed about how much money you’ve made. When things are going great and you’re pulling in thousands a day, I’m sure this is not a big issue, but when sales are slow and all you have to show for your day is $15 in your adsense account, asking someone who works from home ‘make much money today?’ is a direct route in to that persons enemies list.

The way I see it, if I’ve had a good day I’ll tell you that I’ve had a good day, if I’ve made lots of money, I’ll tell you I’ve made lots of money. If I’m not talking about my work, assume that I really really don’t want to talk about my work so don’t ask!

While I’m on my soapbox, I may as well continue with some pet hates…

‘So what is it that you do on this interweb spider thing?’

If you can’t understand the internet, don’t even ask! If you use the internet to check your email on hotmail, and you use your email to forward stupid emails to your mates, you use Google to do all your searches and amazon to do all your shopping, then I’m afraid you’ll never ever understand what it is us internet entrepreneurs do. You might think that you are ‘taking an interest’ by asking questions and trying to understand, but you are just being plain annoying and irritating. Trust me πŸ™‚

(SIDENOTE: one friend of mine somehow thought I did ‘templating’ on the internet and told their friends that I was a ‘templater’. They came to this conclusion because I showed them which is where I buy a lot of my website designs from and they picked up on the word ‘templates’)

So if anyone is reading this that I know personally, here’s the top 3 questions not to ask. Ever.

1. How was your day? (“Fucking awful, my servers been ddos’ed, my websites have been hacked, my software is being sold by some bastard for 10% of the price, adsense clicks are down 50%, an e-currency has just taken $5000 from my account, webdev costs are spiralling and I’ve just had my major website delisted from Google. Happy now? Oh, you don’t understand any of that”)

2. Made much money today? (“No, and reminding me about such things reeeaaalllyyy doesn’t make you my friend”)

3. What is it you actually do on the internet? (“I look at porn all day along with developing websites, coming up with new website ideas, creating project requirement documents, invest in high yield investments, manage the customer service across a dozen or so websites, teach myself new programming languages, research new business opportunities” – hey, at least people will actually understand the first answer)

Ahhh, that’s my rant over. It feels good to get it off your chest and into the world wide web πŸ™‚

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